What is a Project 365?

The simple answer is to “Document a year of your life by taking a photo a day” (365project.org).

After I received my fancy DSLR camera for Christmas last year, I got the brilliant idea to try a 365 project.  I really wanted to learn to use my camera and thought that this project would be a perfect way to do that.  Unfortunately, for me, the act of taking a picture (that didn’t suck) and transferring it to my computer, editing it, uploading it to my blog and to 365project.org and posting to facebook, etc etc got real old real fast.  It just wasn’t an easy task and therefor, quit being fun after about ten days.

This year I made a New Years Resolution to try again.  Only this time, I want need to keep it simple.  I decided I wanted to use the camera that I actually carry with me everywhere I go, my phone (currently an iPhone but next week I get to try the new LG Nitro that supposedly has a fabulous camera!).  Instead of worrying about taking my DSLR with me everywhere to get a picture, I’ll have a camera in my pocket.  And, instead of having to hook up my camera to cords to transfer and edit my photo, I can edit right on my phone (using a few cool photo aps) and upload it directly to my Flickr account.

Easy Peasy.

I pretty much refuse to pay for iPhone aps.  So I’ve downloaded a few free ones that I really enjoy and they will make my project 365 easier to accomplish.  I thought I would share with you what I do.


All you have to do is go to the Apple store to see there are literally, thousands of photo editing apps.  SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!  There are probably many many wonderful apps that I would love but do not know about yet, but since I’m poor cheap and don’t like to spend money on things, I’ve limited myself to these four apps.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a powerful tool to have on your phone, and the best part is this one is FREE.  This app lets you adjust contrast, brightness and clarity as well as having a bunch of fun effects and borders.  I think it does a really good job for a free app.

Right now, Big Lens is my favorite editor.  It is not free, but for just one buck I thought I would give it a try.  My favorite part of this app is being able to add shaped bokah effects to my photos and it does a really great job of adding depth of field to a regularly flat photo.  It lets you adjust the aperture and also comes loaded with funky effects (lomo, black and white, flare, etc etc).

Hipstamatic is another paid app and while I love the effects it gives my photos, I don’t like that I have to use it as the camera rather than being able to upload a picture from my gallery.  I think this was the first app I ever paid for and I really don’t use it much.

I LOVE my Instagram.  I have an entire Instagram album that I post to regularly.  This is a free app that has so many fun edits and I love the way it makes my photos look.  When I first decided on a Project 365 I planned on doing it exclusively on Instagram.  The only reason I changed and went with a Flickr album is because I’m getting a new phone next week and unfortunately, there is no Instagram for Android phones (yet…I wish they would hurry up and release that already).

 Flickr for iPhone app is FREE and very easy to use.  I chose to share my photos on Flickr because I could upload them for free, store them in sets and Flickr is pretty user friendly (even my 7 year old has a Flickr).  There are also many WordPress plugins that make for easy cross-sharing to your blog space (if you have one).



The Awesome Flickr Gallery Plugin for WordPress has made sharing my Project 365 Flickr set to my blog SO EASY.  I was able to designate two different gallery’s (there are unlimited gallery’s to create) so that my latest/daily photo shows up as a sidebar widget and then my full gallery is actually embedded onto a Project 365 page.  This way, visitors to my blog do not actually have to leave my blog to see my Flickr photos!

In summary, I take a photo with my iPhone, do a few edits (because I can’t just leave it alone…but you could if that was your style), upload it to Flickr and I’m done.  It’s posted to Flickr and my Blog.  I hope by making this process fast and simple, I will actually complete my project and have fun doing it.

Have you done a Project 365?  I would love to follow yours if you follow mine!  Also, if you have a lead on some great Android photo editing apps, share those since I’ll be switching!

FYI:  This is a non-sponsored post.  Everything mentioned is really what I use and I’m not gaining anything by writing this post.