I’m off on a new kick, much to Bob’s dismay (he doesn’t think I’ll stick to it!).  I tend to do this in my life.  I find a new idea and I jump head-first into the idea and pour my soul into doing it 100%.  Of course, it usually only lasts a few weeks (at best).  But this time, I’m committed.



Have you heard of the “clean diet” or “eating clean?”   The main idea behind it is eating “foods that are natural; free of added sugars, hydrogenated fats, trans-fats, and anything else that is unnatural and unnecessary.”

It’s a way of eating that isn’t “dieting” per se, but more of an entire lifestyle change that has weight loss and good better health as a prominent side-effect (Woot!).  Everything that I’ve read about it makes SO much sense to me!

Essentially, shop from the grocery store perimeter, stay away from everything processed, no sugar, no white “stuff,” no alcohol (boohoo), cook everything from scratch (which I do anyways) and in return, you lose weight and feel better.

OhRheally on Facebook

I actually asked about the “raw food diet” on Facebook the other day and I had two friends chime in saying that they “eat clean.”  And I said, “well I already make everything from scratch…yet I’m still fat.”  To which Lynsey replied, ” ‎’scratch’ isnt the issue… even flour has been processed…”

And that is when the light-bulb came on.

I make all this stuff from “scratch” and yet I am still feeding my kids a bunch of  processed crap.  Sugar is refined and milled, all-purpose flour has been bleached and processed, etc etc.  It’s not good for us!

There is a lot of talk lately about “raw food” or “caveman” diets and those are people going back to eating all-natural, nothing cooked, extremely “clean.”  I don’t think I want to take it that far.  I do still live in the real world with three young boys who would starve to death rather than eat 100% raw fruits and veggies.  So in an effort to include them in my soon-to-be-adopted lifestyle, I am going to go “clean.”

I’m very excited!

You can google “clean eating” and find a huge assortment of websites and blogs with recipes, ideas and information.  Right now I am reading The Gracious Pantry and she has a lot of great tips.  It’s not financially feasible for me to go out and restock my entire pantry right now, but over the next few paychecks I will swap out processed crap for healthy options.  I will lose the all-purpose flour and sugar.  This will seriously reshape my baking addiction, but honestly, I need to stop baking so much anyway.  It’s not helpful to my losing weight resolution.

The alcohol will be hard to lose as well since I have THREE boys…’nuff said.

I am committed to trying this.  I’m excited to try this!  I’ll report back and let you know what I swap out, what recipes I find that are fabulous and will share what I learn with you.

Has anyone else changed their eating habits to include eating clean or raw?  I would appreciate any tips you have to share!