Once upon a time, my husband said, “hey, why don’t you start blogging so you can make us a lot of money.”

Then I thought, “well why not?  How hard could it be?”

And so in October of 2008 a blog was born.

Actually, I think it was a few months before October that I officially started blogging,  but it was purely entertainment and it was in October that my husband decided I should become serious about it.  October is when I purchased www.mommy23monkeys.com.  A real live domain name just for me!  It was a very exciting time for me.  Full of promise and new beginnings.

I had NO clue.

Those early days were full of personal posts about baking and stories of my little boys.  I knew nothing about SEO or PR. My blog was flat out ugly, but I did all the design myself so I was proud.

<~~ I had a really crazy button!




One of the coolest things I’ve learned on this blogging trip is how to do design and code CSS.  I’ve never hired anyone to do a blog design for me.  While they might not be quite as fancy as some “professionals,” they are mine and I’ve been pretty proud of them.  I think I love this part of blogging the most.

My blog has morphed a few times along the way.  I tried to focus on camping, and green living.  I’ve talked about home-school and ADHD.  I finally decided that I was most comfortable just being little ole’ random me.

The years have gone by and I have made some fabulous friendships along the way.  And while I’m a lot smarter now than I was three years ago, I do not make a living with my blog.  The one thing I would tell a newbie blogger is that it’s a lot harder than it looks.  I’ve had months where I’ve made several hundred dollars, but that is about it.  It’s not a job you take because of the easy money.  Blogging is a job you take because you love the community, you love to write, you love to talk.  Blogging is a passion and some people are lucky enough to get paid.

If you are a blogger, how did you get started?  What made you take the leap and put yourself out there?  What have you learned along the way?  Write about it and then link up with Eclectic Six Media’s Monday Mojo.