Today is Day 1

Around the first of the year, I read a post by Lori about going on a 21 day no  junk food challenge.  I smiled, left a comment wishing her luck and thought to myself, “there is no way in hell I could ever do that.”  Even though, deep inside, I knew I should.   I kept thinking, “maybe today I’ll go on a junk food ban.”

No, wait.  Maybe tomorrow.

Now, two weeks later, I’ve decided to go on an extreme 21 day, full out, sugar detox.  NOTHING sweet for 21 days.  No carbs, no sugar, no “natural” sweeteners, no artificial sweeteners, no nothing.  I’m slightly terrified and very excited.

My ultimate goal is to follow a clean eating lifestyle diet, but I know that I need to jump start myself and kick my sugar addiction first.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I will be following the plan created at Balanced Bites and paid the $21.00 charge for the downloadable pdf (meaning, this isn’t a promotional/paid for post…just in case you wondered).  There is a LOT of information!  Its 72+ pages of recipes, what to eat, what not to eat and the why’s behind it all.

Supposedly, I am going to get grouchy going through sugar withdrawals.

Bob thinks that’s awesome!


But, seriously.  I’ll try to post a weekly update on here, but if you follow my OhRheally Facebook Page you can laugh at all my stumbles and cursing trying to survive this three week hell detox.   A real fat girl doing her best to kick sugar.  Should be entertaining at the very least.

Have you done something similar?  I would love to hear about your favorite recipes or tips on surviving!

8/2012 UPDATE:  I’m doing another 21 Day Sugar Detox.  Check out what I’m eating and how I’m feeling.