My “home away from home” (so to speak) is over at Eclectic Six Media, a community site I started with my bloggy besties, Cheryl, Heather, KathleenAmanda  and Lucy.  Each week we have a writing topic/prompt/meme (whatever you wanna call it) posted called Monday Mojo.  It’s just a little spark to help the people who participate to think of something to post about.  This weeks topic is Inspiration.

Who inspires you to be a better blogger? Has there been someone who’s mentored you and helped you become the blogger you are today? Is there a website out there that you strive to be like one day? Share your inspirations!

Honestly, I am inspired every single day by many people.  I hang out on Stumble and Pinterest and find inspiration.  Ideas for posts, design ideas and I even come across things I never ever want to be caught dead doing!  With so many blogs in the interwebs, it’s hard NOT to be inspired.

When I was a brand-new blogger, starting out on,  I came across MomDot and I found my first social home.  Trisha and her gang there taught me everything I ever wanted to know, and many things I didn’t know I needed to know.  I set myself up, bought a real domain, moved to a real host and I never looked back.  Because of the community and friendship I built here, I was inspired to try and expand into my own community so I could continue to grow and reach other newbies that I could share my knowledge with.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is photoshopped.  Heather and Cheryl were added since I’ve never actually met them in person.  I got to meet Kathleen and Lucy at BlogHer11.  Amanda isn’t in the picture because she never posts photoshopable photos of herself…perhaps she is even smarter than first thought.  But if we all got together…this is how I imagine we would look.

Today, I am inspired every day by my bloggy besties and the things they accomplish.  Heather is incredibly creative and a smart social media maven.  Cheryl is the funniest and most passionate person I’ve ever known and is a champion for her daughter with cerebral palsy.  Kathleen is amazing raising even more boys than I am and she makes time to have an incredibly successful blog.  Amanda has political and military knowledge coming out her wazoo and is always impressing me.

These are the people I choose to spend my limited free time with.  These are the people who inspire and encourage me when I’m feeling the urge to just throw in the proverbial towel.  They are my mentors and I would be lucky to end up like any one of them.

Now it’s your turn.  Head on over to Monday Mojo and link up your post telling us who inspires you to be a better blogger.