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21 Day Sugar Detox: What I’ve Learned in 13 Days

Today is day 13 of my 21 day Sugar Detox and so far the biggest thing I’ve learned is that sugar is EVERYWHERE!  It’s extremely frustrating  to be ready to eat something and have my husband say, “are you sure there isn’t sugar in that sausage?”  And then I read the label to find that sure as shit, sugar is the #3 ingredient in SAUSAGE.  Why is there sugar in my sausage?  It’s not a sweet meat…in fact, it’s pretty spicy.  So why does it even need sugar?

Did you know sugar is in tomato soup?  It is also in chicken bouillon.  Neither of which are “sweet,” so why do they need added sugar?

Your guess is as good as mine!

I’ve also learned that coconut oil does NOT taste like coconuts and that Almond Butter is delicious!  I’ve also learned that just because something is “healthy” and organic, does not mean that there isn’t added sugar…sugar can still be organic.

Overall, I’ve been doing really well on this detox and I’m very proud of myself.   As of today, I am down eight pounds since starting the detox and have lost 18 since the first of the year when I got serious about this weight loss journey.  YAY!

I have not been 100% dedicated to the detox.  The plan has you go 21 days with zero sugar to kick your addiction, and then you can start adding back in “healthy” and natural sugars.  I really decided to do this to kick my sugar cravings since that is what always sabotages my weight loss attempts.  But I’ve had pizza a couple times (two family birthdays and an end of the week-out-of-grocery solution), and I’ve had one piece of birthday cake.

I have not had any alcohol (which is a HUGE accomplishment for me!).

Other than the hidden sugar in things that I thought were safe, I’ve mostly eaten eggs, chicken, lots and lots of vegetables, steak, more eggs, salad and more chicken.

How many ways can you bake a chicken?  Let me count the ways….

My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms.

Lunch that I can take to work is salad with carrots, chicken and (homemade) vinaigrette or I will take leftover veggies and chicken.

Dinner can be baked chicken and roasted veggies.  Oh, and I’ve fallen in love with this delicious cauliflower mash that I have been fixing myself a LOT! SO GOOD!

It has been pretty easy to follow the21 Day Sugar Detox plan and they have a bunch of recipes that are delicious and since I love trying new recipes it’s been a fun adventure rather than a chore.

So there you have it.  How I’ve lost eight pounds in 13 days, how I’m not dying from sugar cravings and how this has actually been kinda fun.  Crazy isn’t it?!

How is your new years resolution to lose weight going??  Have you tried a sugar detox?  Do you realize just how bad sugar is for you?

ETA:  I just wanted to add that this has not been the easiest project ever.  I did find myself rooting around in the kitchen last week for the delicious chocolate fudge frosting that I knew was in my freezer.  It took every bit of willpower to ignore it.  It is NOT completely a walk in the park…but it can be done with determination!

ETAA:  I tossed the fudge frosting last night so I wouldn’t be tempted again…even though there was enough to frost a whole other cake.



  1. I’m so proud of you Rhea – I can’t believe how well you’re doing. I think about this and how it would apply to my own life and I just don’t even know how it’s possible. Hell, the first thing I do in the morning is make a cup of coffee….with sugar in it.

    • I had to give up coffee for tea. Lucky for me, I prefer my tea straight up so it wasn’t too difficult a switch. I still get caffeine…just no sugar or coffeemate.

      Dude, if I can do this, anyone can. For Realz!

  2. I’m proud of you too for doing this. And I’m sorry I keep pointing out the Sugar that is in any of the packaged or canned foods we get anymore. It sure does make you look at the labels harder when you try to avoid certain things….

    Keep it up… You are doing GREAT!!

  3. no alcohol??? i don’t know how you do it. but i am way impressed…

  4. Great job, Rhea! I’m glad you are having so much fun at this. I’m going to try that cauliflower mash :)

  5. I”m glad you’ve been able to stick with it. It IS amazing what they put sugar in, isn’t it? It’s no wonder we all have weight issues, even when we try to lose weight. And “diet” foods often have added sugar to make up for lack of fat for flavor, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the discussion with my 10yo that just because it’s organic and not as much processed and refined crap that it’s not necessarily “healthy” either, and that if he really wants healthy, go eat an apple.

  6. This is a great idea, if only because it forces you to look closer at what you’re eating. I can be easily seduced by the melty cheese and pickles on a fast food burger, but once somebody tells me what goes into the “meat” patty, it becomes miraculously less attractive. Congratulations!

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