I learned to drive in my mom’s Camaro, but I’m pretty sure I scared the crap out of her too many times so I certainly wasn’t allowed to keep driving that bright yellow muscle car past a few lessons.  I think I took my drivers test in my parents boring beige Ford Escort Wagon…but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Funny how I don’t remember which car I took my test in even though I remember taking the test.  I remember that I barely passed, scoring only a 74 *blush*.  I think you needed a 73 to pass.  I still have the paper that the tester wrote on, it is in my high school yearbook.

The first car that was actually mine was a 1976 Chevy Chevette that I inherited from my Grandma Jean.  It was white with a red plastic interior.

I loved that car!

I remember the freedom I felt driving my friends around.  I remember my boyfriend (who did not have a license) hot-rodding that old car down our country dirt roads.  I remember taking my first road trip with my best friend up to our Church camp three hours away.  I remember my best friend getting her first car and it was a red Chevette with white plastic interior (perfectly opposite of mine).  We thought that was the coolest thing ever!

Good times.

I also remember the day it died.  I was driving my friend and her little brother home and my little car that could suddenly stopped in the middle of a turn lane on our busy Main Street.  My friend and I got out of that car and had to push it through the intersection to the side of the road.  I was horribly embarrassed!

I did not have my Chevette long, it was on it’s last leg when I got it.  But I loved that it was my Grandma’s car and I loved it that it was all mine.  Do you remember your first car?  Participate in this weeks Monday Mojo from Eclectic Six Media and tell us about it!