Holy crap! It’s been a whole year since I hacked into Rhea’s blog! If you’re slightly confused, I took over Rhea’s little bloggy home this time last year, for a very special day. Today is Rhea’s birthday! Since I let myself in last year, I’m sure she’s expecting this post. Plus, I kinda asked her for her password.(Next year, I should try to talk to her mom to get some awesome baby pictures of her!)

This year has been so eventful for Rhea and I! (Not to mention 4 other bloggy best friends we have!) Not only did our relationship become something our husbands are scratching their heads about, we also seem to have adapted our own language. Plus? 6 of us put her brains and beauty (ok, everyone elses brains and beauty too) to good use and launched Eclectic Six Media.

I vowed to Rhea that 2012 is our year to finally meet in real life. Even if I had to sell myself to make it happen. Then it dawned on me that she should probably do that being the brains and beauty of this friendship. There’s this little event called BlogHer happening in NYC in August, I’d be thrilled to go to meet Rhea, so anyone want to sponsor us?! 😉

So, Rhea, thanks for being my beastie. Here’s to many more years of you listening to my melt downs! I’m still bound and determined to meet you this year!

(Poor Amanda… My rendition of her doesn’t do her justice. Also, be sure to check back later for an added surprise!)

ETA:  This is Rhea…and my husband just pointed out that CHERYL never even identified herself on this post.  She is the one who thinks she is very funny for hijacking my blog…although I love her for it.  So really, I am not talking to myself or posting as my own imaginary friend.  It’s all her. <3