In case you missed it, there is this new “meme” floating around Facebook and Pinterest (and probably Stumble, too).  It was obvious to me that one needed to be done about surrogate mothers.

It is crazy the different perceptions people have about surrogates and recent bad press hasn’t helped our cause.  I try so hard to convey what it’s actually like to be a surrogate and people either “get it” or they don’t.  I hate it when someones first question is about the money.

Unfortunately, I have a gal at my work who wants to run out and become a surrogate (never-mind she’s in her mid-forties and haven’t had a child in 13 years)  just for the money.  I feel like a failure that I can’t explain to her that it is NOT about the money.

Surrogacy is about creating a family where once there was none.  About adding laughter to a once quiet heart.  It’s about love and selflessness and a little bit of self-gratification in knowing that I did that!