Happy Saturday!  This weeks Monday Mojo writing prompt asked what are “five things nobody knows about you.”


I realize I’m nearly a week late with my Monday Mojo post, but it wasn’t so easy to come up with five interesting things that people don’t already know about me.  I think I’m generally pretty open about stuff around here.  Now, I could list things that nobody knows, but I might get myself in trouble with the law…or my mom.

My mom would be worse.

1.  My favorite music to play loud when I’m cleaning or exercising is everything  from the Metallica Black Album.  I’m a nineties long-haired teenage boy trapped inside this middle age woman’s body.

2.  I cringe on the inside when I see short little hot-pants being sold at Torrid or Lane Bryant.  I am all for fashion equality but there should definitely be a weight limit on some clothing items.  Be proud and confidant no matter your size, but don’t be a a hoochie.

3.  I curse like a sailor.  Wait…I’m pretty sure people already know that.

4.  I don’t like to share my blankets.  Ask Bob.  We each have our own blankets on our bed.  I’ve always been this way though, you could ask my first husband, too.

5.  Ok, this is my hard one.  Last year at Knotts Berry Farm, I couldn’t fit on one of the rides and was made to get off and stand to wait since there was no exit but the other side of the ride.  To say I was humiliated and embarrassed is an understatement.  I just stood there trying so hard not to cry.  The only people who knew this was my mom and brother since they were with me.  Bob didn’t even know until I let it slip a couple weeks ago.  It is one of my primary motivators for changing my eating habits and losing weight.  My goal is to lose 100 lbs by my birthday, next February and to take another visit to Knotts so that I can ride all the rides with my kids!  So far, I’m down 32 pounds and I start a 6 week “Biggest Winner” weight loss challenge at the gym this week.

What are five things that nobody knows about you?  You have all weekend to get in on the weekly action before a new topic is posted on Monday.