Yesterday was my sweet cousin Penelope‘s third birthday!  It was the perfect opportunity to practice using my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens.  Of course, my family can be a bit lame so actually getting some good practice was difficult….


This is Carina’s “happy face.”

Um, this is my uncle.  I adore him, but I can not possibly be related to him.  Especially after the stories he was telling me about when he was a teenager.  They may or may not have involved kittens and parachutes.

Now this picture, I kind of love.  It’s my mom and my uncle.  Aren’t they sweet?  It almost looks like they like each other.

Now, I clearly did not take this picture with my new camera lens but instead my uncle emailed it to me.  It turns out that this old Indian guy here…he’s my great-grandpa!  I was so surprised to learn that this was my grandpa Arthur.  Apparently this is a painting made by one of my cousins of a picture of Arthur.  I knew that my paternal-grandmothers side had Native American ancestry, but I had NO idea just how Indian we were.  I mean WOW.  With so much Native American and Italian in my background you would think I could at least hold a tan!

In other news, I was paid a visit by the blog-worlds Fairy Hobmother.  If you are a blogger you may have heard of this Fairy and how he sprinkles fairy-dust, in the form of Amazon gift cards, around the blogosphere.  Well lucky for me he visited OhRheally!  Isn’t that fun?  Now, if you happen to leave a comment on this blog post, be sure to leave your URL because the Fairy Hobmother has a habit of visiting commentators who have their own blogs and spreading more love.  You could just be granted your very own Amazon gift card!

Now, I want to know…do you have a crazy fun family like me??  I sure hope so!