This weeks topic:  Write about your first name—why you were given it, what stories are attached to it, what does it mean?

noun /ˈrēə/

A large flightless bird of South American grasslands, resembling a small ostrich, with grayish-brown plumage

South-American rhea Photo: ALAMY

BORING.  I hate that I have the same name as a big ugly bird.  BUT “Rhea” is also….

Rhea (or as Greek Ῥέᾱ) is the second-largest moon of Saturn and the ninth largest moon in the Solar System. It was discovered in 1672 by Giovanni Domenico Cassini.

And my favorite:

Fertility goddess in ancient Greek mythology; wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus; identified with Roman Ops and Cybele of ancient Asia Minor.

RHEA was the Titanis mother of the gods, and a goddess of female fertility, motherhood, and generation….In myth, Rhea was the wife of the Titan Cronus and Queen of heaven. When her husband heard a prophecy that he would be deposed by one of his children, he took to swallowing each of them as soon as they were born. But Rhea bore her youngest, Zeus, in secret and hid him away in a cave in Crete guarded by shield-clashing Kouretes. In his stead she presented Cronus with a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes which he promptly devoured. ~credit

Isn’t that cool?  I love being a Greek goddess.  Truly I do.  And since I have been a surrogate, the “goddess of fertility” is very fitting.

In actuality though, when my mom gave me the name, “Rhea” it wasn’t to give me a strong goddess name, or to even name me after a peculiar bird.  I was named Rhea after my great-grandmother.

Growing up, I wasn’t sure if I liked my name.  I got teased a lot (diarrhea anyone?) and nobody can ever pronounce it correctly.  But as I’ve gotten older I have learned to love my name.  I love that it’s unique, I actually love that not everyone can pronounce it and I love that I am named after my great-grandma.

How did you get your name?  What does it mean?  Join us for Monday Mojo and tell us about it!