My mom calls me a “food Nazi” and says that I am as “bad as a reformed smoker.” I can’t help it. I see the things people around me are eating and I compare it with all that I have learned over the past few months and I honestly just want to HELP them. I want to teach people that sugar is bad, grains are toxic and the standard American diet is tragic.

But, who am I?

I am no expert. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. I only know what I read and what I take to heart. Articles like these:

The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet

Why Grains are Unhealthy

The Dish on Sugar and Sweeteners

How to Get Calcium on a Paleo Diet

And then there was this recent 60 Minutes story about how studies are showing that sugar doesn’t only make you fat, but is actually toxic to humans.  It’s crazy research that’s going on!


I just had to sit back and take a look at my humongous self and decide that enough was enough.  I went looking for a way to lose weight and I stumbled into a totally new way of eating, thinking and living.  I think people in general are just too complacent when it comes to food.  We have been sold a bunch of bull about dieting and calories and spend millions on “diet food” that just makes us sicker.  The only way we as a nation will get healthier is to stand up and make the decision to eat healthy, “normal” food!

We were low on groceries last night so I ordered pizza for my kids.  I decided to order the “good stuff” from Pizza Hut.  I figured if I was going to be “bad” I might as well have my old favorite, right?  That cheesy pizza tasted like ass!  Unfortunately, I ate two pieces before I decided I would rather just have the left over steamed cauliflower that was in the fridge (and holy cow, that cauliflower tasted SO GOOD!).  People don’t believe me, but just eat real food for a couple weeks and your tastes/cravings WILL change.  I promise!

By the way, I’m down FIFTY pounds.  Maybe I’m not so crazy after all?