I get asked every day about what I’m doing to lose weight (52 pounds people!) and I get blank stares when I tell them that I started eating Paleo.  I try to keep it simple and explain that I eat a lot of vegetables, meat and fruit and to which I almost always get the reply of “oh, it’s like Atkins” (um, NO it’s not).  And then I get the, “well, what about….” this and that as they go through the list of things I can’t eat.

Sure, I can’t eat cupcakes, candy, sugar, pasta and grains but I’M OKAY WITH THAT!  After a few weeks, I don’t miss it.  I eat something non-paleo and it tastes like garbage.  My “favorite” Easter chocolate egg tasted like chemicals and I couldn’t get that taste out of my mouth for hours.  I am happy finding new paleo recipes to try and am building up my spice rack quite nicely with things I’ve never used before.  I’ve prepared and eaten halibut twice now (I don’t do seafood) and I’m tempted to try and eat tomato’s again (hate them…but for some reason I’ve been craving them).

It’s a weird thing the way our bodies work.

So, for those of you with a thousand questions about what I’m actually eating, here is a fabulous infographic by created by Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson for the Greatist to explain it.

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