I love a good cookbook.  I have an entire shelf dedicated to about 50 some odd recipe books.  I love to look at the pictures and plan out meals and decide which ones my kids might actually eat.  I also have a stack of loose paper sitting on that shelf with printed out recipes from the internet.


A couple years (yes, years) ago I got a blank recipe binder so that I could actually keep and organize all my favorite recipes rather than keeping them loose on the shelf.  Today was the day that I finally sat down to organize my recipes.

It was a little bittersweet going through my collection and remembering my delicious desserts and cheese/grain/bread filled fare.  I threw away many recipes that I knew I just wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) make again but others, like my mom’s chicken and dumpling recipe, found its way into my new book because, well…it’s my mom’s recipe and I just couldn’t part with it.

I added ten dessert only books to my thrift store donation pile.

I could probably donate most (if not all) of the other cookbooks on my shelf, too because they are mostly “diet” or “comfort food” related and I’ve learned that “diet” and “comfort” don’t go together with “healthy.”  For now, they will sit and gather dust as I peruse Pinterest and Chowstalker for new recipes to try.  Hopefully as I learn more about living a Paleo lifestyle I can start modifying some of those old recipes into something even better and share those with you instead!