In the weight-loss world there is something called a NSV, or “non-scale victory.”  It’s when something cool happens that confirms and/or encourages your weight loss efforts and this victory has nothing to do with the number on the scale.  Well, I finally have a couple to share!


In July of 2010 we took the kids (mine and my brothers three) to Knotts Berry Farm.  Something happened to me that day that was so mortifying that it took about a year before I even told my husband.  I tried to get on the first ride of the day and I didn’t fit.  I had to get off the ride and because of the way the ride was laid out, I couldn’t quietly slink out the exit but instead I had to stand there in front of everyone.  It was the single most horrifying moment of my adult life.  I wanted to die.  I forced myself to not cry but it ruined the day for me.

When I made my New Years Resolution this year to lose weight, my ultimate goal was to return to Knotts and ride that ride on my fortieth birthday (2013).  Well, I got a big taste of what that birthday satisfaction will be like when I went to Disneyland!

I rode every single ride that day.  I easily fit onto Space Mountain (that I hadn’t been on in years because I was afraid I wouldn’t fit) and because the lines were short, I rode every other roller-coaster in the park.  It was AWESOME.  I’m not even at my goal weight, but I know with losing the 60 pounds that I have, I will have no problem riding rides in February.


On Mother’s Day, I was flipping through my closet to find something to wear.  I have a lot of clothes in there that technically I should have tossed out years ago since they haven’t fit in forever.  I came across one of my favorite skirts from my banking days and I’ll be darned if it didn’t fit!  I was STOKED!  I was so happy wearing this skirt that day.

I only have ONE more pound to reach the SIXTY pound mark!  I can hardly believe it.  My ultimate goal of 150 pounds doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore.  I might actually do this!

Share some of your NSV’s, I would love to hear them.