Losing 80 pounds (nearlyjust two more pesky pounds to go…but who’s counting) has some really great perks, one of which is that shopping is fun again!  It wasn’t long ago that I dreaded shopping.  Choosing the largest possible size in the plus-size store and tirelessly trying on clothes that barely fit only to leave the store sad and depressed.  Shopping online?  Forget about it!  I never trusted the online pictures and knew it wouldn’t look as good on me.

I recently discovered eShakti women’s clothes online and fell in love with so many of their dresses.  I had an event at work coming up and I knew I would need a dress.  The eShakti size range fits just about any body type and the coolest part about this company is that you have the ability to customize the fit.

Let’s say you generally wear a size 18, but your waist is a bit bigger (lots of babies) or even smaller (lucky), then you can order the dress by measurements rather than just picking “size 18” and hoping for the best that it fits all over.

Many of the pieces available are reminiscent of the past, combining feminine details and dressmaker finishes for today’s modern woman. Dresses, skirts, tops, cardigans, jackets and scarves are available in a wide array of fabrics and colors ranging from size 0 to 26W and Custom.

I chose to order the Indigo Chambray Dress.  I was able to choose the length I wanted as well as custom size the middle since my waist is bigger than the rest of me.  Many of the dresses even allow you to customize the sleeve styles and necklines!

It was terribly difficult to choose a dress because every time I visited the website there were new dresses to choose from!  Their collection is always changing and even today I have found three more dresses that I need want.

My favorite part of this dress is the pockets!  Pockets are fabulous.  Besides the pockets, I love how well the dress fit me and how soft the chambray is.  This dress was so comfortable and I received many compliments on it when I wore it.

My least favorite part of this dress is that it is already too big on me.  I guess that is a good thing, right?  But when you find something you like to wear and it doesn’t fit after a couple weeks, then that is sad.  Of course, it is sad in a good way because that means I’m even smaller and now I have an excuse to order another new, smaller dress!