It’s Wednesday and across the interwebs, mom’s everywhere are posting their “Wordless Wednesday” posts.  It is hit or miss around here if I have something to post, but I always like the WW posts.  I like pictures and looking into the worlds of my virtual friends.  Today, I have some pictures to share, but I could not remain “wordless” because there is a story to tell behind the shots.  I hope you don’t mind, just once, if I break my own Wordless Wednesday Rules ( I think I might have been drunk when I posted that anyway).

Back in 2010 I got the chance to spend a crazy fun weekend in New Orleans with a group of amazing woman bloggers.  It was one of the best weekends of my life and I forged some lasting friendships there.  Part of the gift bag (swag) that was given to the bloggers by sponsors was an adorable fitted t-shirt that had the Bloggers on Bourbon logo on the back and the front said “I’m so going to blog this!”  It was a fun shirt and everyone wore it one day to the excursions and our group picture was taken wearing the shirt.

As you can see in the above picture….everyone wore the shirt, but me.

When asked what size everyone wore I was embarrassed to give the right size, so I ordered the shirt too small not realizing everyone would actually be wearing it as a group.  So when I got the shirt, there was no way in hell it was going to fit.  I felt sad, embarrassed and left out.

This is me that day…exceeding the weight limit of that tight little white t-shirt.

It is almost exactly two years later and I am so excited to say that the cute little fitted t-shirt FITS!  And, because I made so many friends at that blogger trip and so many of them have been cheering me on in my weight loss efforts, I wanted to share this moment here…with my friends.

Camera phone shot…sorry it’s not great, but I think it shows my weight difference better (nearly 80 lbs)!

Grand Finale!

I’m so excited I can’t stand it.  I think we need a Bloggers on Bourbon:  Part Deux just so I have the opportunity to wear this shirt again.  And, for the record, I’ve been putting the shirt on, and taking it off, for weeks waiting for it to actually fit.  It’s a happy Wednesday.