One day old.

On June 21st we got to meet three little kittens.  Momma cat was young (just barely a year) but she seemed to be doing well with her new babies.  We had two adorable oranges and a little grey tabby (that looks an awful lot like her uncle….).  All was well, they were growing and getting stronger.  My boys just adored them.  We named them (L-R in the above picture:  Curly, Larry and Moe).

Anthony with Curly at about 3 weeks old.

Everything I had read about new kittens said to leave them alone until about 3 weeks, and at that time you should start playing with them and socializing them.  So that is what we did.  The boys had a strict “hands off” rule which was hard on them considering that mommy cat had moved the babies into their bedroom!

We had a rough time with momma cat moving the kittens around.  From the living room into the boys’ dresser to finally under their bed.  One morning I went searching for the kittens under the kids’ bed and I found Curly all alone in the middle while his siblings were cuddled together elsewhere.  I picked him up and he was cold and lethargic.  Something was not right!  I called for Bob to come see and discuss our options.

It happened to be mine and Bob’s anniversary.  We had grand plans for the day but they were quickly cancelled so we could stay home and tend to Curly.  He didn’t appear to be eating and when we weighed them he was only 4oz while his sister, Moe was a whopping 10oz.  I decided to go buy him some kitten formula.

We spent the day holding Curly, feeding him, keeping him warm on a heating pad.  He just slept.

That night, we did get to go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary but before we even had a chance to order my brother-in-law (who was babysitting) called to tell us that LARRY died!

Larry.  Not Curly whom we had been nursing and caring for all day.  Not the “sick” one.  At least…we didn’t realize he was sick.  We later realized that Larry was also only weighing in at about 4oz and he needed help, too but because he didn’t seem sick, we didn’t catch it.  It was all so confusing and I felt terrible for missing the fact that he needed rescuing, too.

A week went by and every day Bob and I bottle fed Curly trying to get him to gain some weight.  Every day he weighed less.

I was told that I should have taken him to the vet but we simply could not afford it.  He seemed stronger, yet weighed less.  He would crawl around and make noise.  We hoped he was improving.  We told ourselves he was improving.

Until he died.

Two little orange kittens.  Dead.

We took Curly’s death much harder than Larry’s because we tried so hard to save him.

Now we are left with Moe.  The feisty sister.  She is cute as a bug and so flippin’ noisy!  Don’t know if all kittens are this noisy or if she inherited it from her uncle/daddy, “Meow” who really lives up to his name!  She is so soft and very affectionate.  She is 4 weeks old and curls up with both Bob and Anthony for her naps.

We’ve said all along that we would be finding homes for the kittens.  We are in no position to take on yet another pet.  But how do you say good-bye to the lone survivor?  She has bore herself into our hearts.  She is our champion.  Our survivor.  Our little Moe.   Whoever ends up with this kitten will have a truly special little thing on their hands.