My friend Lynsey told me I should do some Paleo for Dummies posts, which quite frankly made me laugh.  I am certainly no Paleo Guru and feel weird dispensing advice about anything.  But I find that the more weight I lose (83 pounds and counting) the more people ask me “what are you doing!?”

Disclaimer:  I AM NOT A PALEO EXPERT!  I am a normal person, a mom, a former sugar-aholic, an overweight woman.  I make mistakes.  But I have lost a significant amount of weight by changing my lifestyle and changing the way I view food.  I am not using these posts to dispense medical advice (ask your doctors for that) but will tell you what I’m doing and simple ways you can start, too.


Essentially, the easiest way to go Paleo is to start eating meat, veggies, fruits and nuts.  If the food in front of you is not an animal or plant, then it’s probably not Paleo.

Stop eating sugar.  Period.  They will try to trick you with “organic sugar.”  Don’t let them fool you!  Sugar is bad….organic or not.  If you must have a sweetener, opt for something minimally processed and natural like honey or molasses.  But the easiest thing is to stop eating sugar.

Side note:  Your taste buds will change.  I used to take my coffee with 3 tbs (yes Tablespoons) of sugar or 3 packets of Splenda and then a quarter cup of Coffeemate.  Now, anything more than a tiny teaspoon or Organic Turbinado Sugar has my mouth feeling gross and coated in sweetness that I DO.NOT. like.

Cook Your Food

Eating Paleo takes effort.  No more fast food or pre-packaged items from your grocery freezer. I wake up in the morning and cook myself eggs scrambled with whatever vegetables I have on hand.  I have to consciously plan ahead my dinner so that I have enough left over for lunch the next day (I take my lunch to work).   I eat a lot of chicken but that is because I like chicken.  There are a lot of animals out there to eat!  If you are adventurous then you will find all kinds of stuff to fix.

Spices are your friend!  I have found that I love curry.  I never would have discovered this had I not gone searching for new Paleo flavors.

Check out my Paleo Pinterest Board for some fabulous recipes I’ve come across.  I haven’t tried all of them, but I refer to it a lot for inspiration.  Going Paleo has made cooking fun again for me.  I have always loved to cook and had recently turned my kitchen addiction into a cake and cookie addiction.  Now I have new things to prepare and it really feeds that love of cooking that is in my soul.


Here are a few of my current favorite Paleo sites that you can check out for more information:

Paleo Parents
Balanced Bites
The Paleo Mom

So, that’s it.  To start eating Paleo, cook yourself meat and veggies.  I’ll be back next week with some more tips that I’ve learned in the past eight months.