Last week I covered the very basics of what it means to be Paleo which, in a nutshell, is eat meat, veggies, nuts and fruits.  If your dinner came out of a frozen package, then it is not Paleo.  One of the major rules of Paleo is also NO sugar.

I am not a nutritionist, doctor or other health expert so I will defer you to this article on why sugar is bad for you.  Diane Sanfilippo just happens to actually be a certified nutritionist (she has many other official sounding abbreviations behind her name) so that is why I recommend her very complete and informative article on the white stuff.

Way back in January, when I first decided to get healthy, I followed Diane’s 21 Day Sugar Detox program*.   I knew without a doubt that I had a sugar addiction and I needed to go “cold turkey” in order to ever have success losing weight.  I went through some hard withdrawals, too:  Headaches, mood swings, and general crappy feelings.  It was rough.  But what I got out of it was an amazing understanding to how my body was out of control for sugar.

When I was done, I didn’t crave sweets.  This was HUGE for me!  I didn’t even want it anymore.  It was a liberating feeling!!

Now, eight months later, I have allowed bits of sugar to creep back into my life.  It comes mostly in the form of fruit, frozen grapes are my favorite treat.  I know that eating fruit is better than a cube of sugar, but our bodies still process the sugar the same way, and the more I eat….the more I want. I’ve allowed myself a piece of birthday cake here, an ice cream sandwich there.   I tell myself that it’s okay, but it’s really not.  The treats become more often and I find myself searching out for sweet things once again.

Tomorrow (August 6, 2012), I am starting another 21 Day Sugar Detox*.  My weight-loss has stalled and I need to kick it into gear and get my sweet-tooth back into check.  I will be posting about my detox every day for the next 21 days.  Each evening, I’ll recap what I’ve eaten for the day and let you know how it is going.  If you want to take the leap and join me, then you can purchase the Sugar Detox Plan* here and join the discussion on Facebook.  Of course, feel free to follow OhRheally on Facebook, too so that we can cheer for each other!

*affiliate link, but I truly believe in and use this plan!