Source: via Rhea on Pinterest

So Days four and five were not so great for me.  I have no excuse, it was nobody’s birthday, I was just weak and lame.

Thursday was a really rough day for me at work.  I was having issues with a possessed van topped with 100 degree temps and I was pushed to my limits.  I ate great all day, but when I got home that raspberry vodka in the freezer was calling my name and so I had a few shots.  I won’t lie…I felt better!  There isn’t much that raspberry vodka can’t fix!

Now Friday I did not eat so well, and I had wine.  So I was a big loser all day.

I am always great at breakfast, both days were my standard eggs, bacon and vegetable scramble.

Lunch on Friday was the meat out of a mushroom swiss burger at McDonalds.  I’m extra pissed at myself because I took a lunch (pork-chop and apples) but I was self conscious eating a packed lunch while my friends were buying lunch and eating McDonalds.  Dumb reason I know, but it is all I got.

At dinner last night, the husband took us out to a great Mexican place here in town and they have THE best mango margaritas.  So yes, I had a sugar-filled margarita (ate a salad and fajitas with no tortillas, so that part was good).  And, because I had already blown it for the day, I had a big ole’ glass of wine when I got home.

Did I mention the square of amazingly delicious chocolate bar I had?


I really don’t know what happened.  I usually have better self-control.  I think the heat has gotten to me.  The thing I know is that today is a new day.  Today I will make better decisions.  This just might turn into a 28 day detox since I have to start over.  Its all good though, it is for the better good!