Yesterday was day 6 of my 21 Day Sugar Detox and it went great.   If this is your first detox, you may be experiencing some headaches and general yuckiness…this is because you are detoxing from an addiction!  Withdrawals are a bitch and that is what you are going through.  Be patient, stick to it and it WILL GET BETTER.  Promise!

A headache is most common on days 2-5 when your body is adjusting to the fact that you’re no longer feeding it a constant stream of sugar in the form of dense or refined carbohydrates. Remember to drink plenty of water and eat protein and fat-rich meals. Do not allow yourself to be hungry, but also be sure that you are not confusing hunger with thirst. If you feel hungry but have eaten what you think is adequate food, drink some water. If your hunger is not gone within 10-20 minutes, then eat more food. Your body WILL adjust and begin to feel more “normal” typically by week two. (21 Day Sugar Detox FAQ page by Diane Sanfilippo)

Lucky for me, I haven’t had a headache, but I know it’s because I am not doing this from scratch.  I remember having the headache the first time I detoxed and it wasn’t fun.  Just be persistent.  Don’t give up.   Take some Advil, drink a glass of tea and keep going.


Three eggs scrambled with some delicious Andouille sausage that I picked up from Jimbo’s Market.  It was SO good, made with chicken and turkey and was all organic and sugar free.  Whoop.  Of course, there was plenty of spinach and mushrooms mixed in (my fave).


Yesterday was back-to-school shopping day so I had to eat lunch out.  I really love going to Chili’s because they have some decent options for healthier eating.  I chose the 6oz Sirloin off of their 2 for $20 menu and got broccoli and mashed potato’s on the side.  White potato’s are not sugar detox friendly, but I had about two bites and was done.


I made a Costco run yesterday and picked up these chicken burgers that were organic and sugar free.  They are burgers with fontina cheese and spinach mixed in, they tasted great and it was nice to actually have something that was heat and serve ready.  I paired my chicken burger with zucchini sauteed in ghee and garlic.


Water and tea.  I found some Organic Chocolate Pu-erh tea by Numi at Jimbo’s and it was very delicious!  Drank that in the morning and gave me a nice little sweet treat to start my day.