Trisha over at momdot is hosting a little bloggy hop and this week she asked, “what five things can you not live without on a daily basis?”  I figured since I am home with a sick kid, I might as well keep busy and play along…besides, you are probably tired of hearing only about my sugar detox!

Caffeine.  It doesn’t matter if it is tea or coffee, hot or cold.  I NEED it.  First thing in the morning I fix myself something otherwise I have a raging headache by lunch.  I really need to kick this habit, but I’m not ready.  So there.

My Computer.  Duh.  I have my own computer, no sharing for me, thank goodness!  I check in with all my favorite places each morning while I eat breakfast and then again when I get home.  I live in my computer.  It’s where my friends live, it’s where I go to school and it’s how I keep track of everything.

The Dishwasher.  I have three little boys and they use a new cup every single time they get a new drink.  Enough said.

My iPhone.  I honestly have no idea how I functioned before my iPhone and I don’t even have a new one…I have an old 3gs model!  I have been given new phones to review (two of them) and neither of them lasted more than a couple weeks before I returned to my beloved iPhone.  It is always with me.

Sunglasses.  Seriously, I live in Southern California, I don’t leave home without them.  They don’t have to be fancy either…these came from the Dollar Tree.  I just need something shading my eyeballs or I will go blind.

So what are five things you can’t live without