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Sugar Detox: Days 10 – 12

I know that exercise is good for me (and I generally enjoy doing it) just like I know eating *insert unhealthy grain based food item* is bad for me, too.  Yet sometimes I let convenience or circumstances stop me from doing what needs to be done.

The last three days of my detox have been generally very good.  I did have one evening, Thursday, that I decided to take my kids to Wendy’s.  I could have not eaten, or opted for one of their half-way decent salads, but no.  I chose a spicy chicken sandwich *hangs head in shame*.  What was I thinking?  Where were my big girl panties?  Apparently I left them in the laundry.

The point is that setbacks happen.  Life happens.  Shit happens.  There is no magic bubble that you can live in eating paleo or even doing a sugar detox.  But you can’t let it derail you, you can’t let it make you take your eyes off the prize!  Even with my breaded, fried and artificially flavored dinner, I’ve lost 3 more pounds and that is because I picked myself back up, pulled up my big girl panties and ate right the next day.


I’ve eaten my same three egg scrambles every morning.  I don’t have time to get creative in the mornings so I stick with what I know and like.  The last few days I’ve had bacon and asparagus or mushrooms and spinach.


Chicken cooked up on my George Foreman are easy to take for lunch on the run.  I love the bags of baby cucumbers that you can get at Costco so I’ve been snacking on them throughout the day.


I had leftover chicken curry one night and grilled chicken with sauteed veggies on another.  Last night I made fun little heart shaped mini-meatloaf’s and I’ll be sharing that recipe later this week.


Black tea, bulletproof coffee, water, water and more water.

Did you have any setbacks this week?  What did you do to get back on track?



  1. Sign. I know exactly what you mean. I’m in the middle of a set back right now and the culprit is ….. soda. I was doing so good, going days without having one and I’ve already had 2 mini cans of Pepsi today. I’m still exercising and still losing weight but if I don’t find it in me to kick this soda it will all end up being for nothing. All it take is one little spurt of depression to send me into a sugar devouring frenzy.

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