How was everyone’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, Boxing Day, Yule and Winter Solstice (any any other Winter holiday I might have missed!)??  My Christmas was fabulous!

The holiday’s are always stressful for so many reasons, and this year was no exception.  But it all ended up good, Santa made my boys happy and it was a lovely day filled with family and happiness.

Like many people around the world, I used the entire time since Thanksgiving to put aside my strict Paleo Lifestyle diet and just enjoy myself.  I enjoyed baking (and eating) good old-fashioned sugar cookies, fudge, apple muffins, etc etc.  I tried to stick to my Paleo plan as much as possible but did not beat myself up over enjoying good food and family time.  I stuck with good breakfasts (usually eggs and veggies) and most lunches were healthy(ish).  But dinner and weekends and shopping…oh my!  Sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself!

And I did.

But now, the holidays are over *sniff.*  It is time to get my butt back in gear.  I was only five pounds away from hitting the magical 100 pounds lost mark when the holidays hit.  Over the month of December I gained about six pounds (I told you I was bad!).  So come January 1st I will be doing another Sugar Detox, exactly like the one I did to get started just a year ago.  I need to rid my body of the built up sugars and get it ready to lose that last 11 pounds plus the 40 or so more I want gone.  I would just LOVE to be down to a size 14 by the time my 40th birthday hits in February!

notyetWho’s with me?