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A New Year – A New Detox


Funny what a difference a year makes.

Exactly 365 days ago I did a little New Years Resolution post and my first goal was to lose 75 pounds.   Actually….I said 100 pounds but quickly doubted myself and changed it to 75.  Still a lofty goal but seemingly more attainable than my first hope.  Here I am, a year later and I can say I DID IT!  Not only did I do it, but I blew past that measly 75 pound mark and landed at 95 pounds lost for the year.


I mentioned to my friend, Kathleen that I never in a million years thought I would actually lose this weight.  I didn’t figure I would even lose 20 pounds.  I had been desperately trying to get approval for weight loss surgery because I thought it was hopeless to try and lose it on my own.  It is shocking to me, really.  But then one day, I decided I had had enough.  I was so fat!  I couldn’t live like that anymore.

I made a radical decision to do a 21 Day Sugar Detox in the hopes that I could cut down on my sugar cravings.  That 21 days turned into an entire year of eating paleo and exercising and low and behold….you know the rest of the story!

Hell, I don’t really even exercise that much.

I still have about 50 more pounds to go so here I am on the first day of another new year and I will be embarking on another 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I’m hoping to jump start the year and get my cravings back under control (even eating Paleo you can’t escape every craving and sweet treat!).  I will try to post recipes (I’m such a terrible food blogger) and updates on how it is going.  I’m not promising a daily update because if you’ve been here long enough you will know that I suck at posting daily (I got a life!).  But as often as I can I will check in and you can see that this can be done.  YOU CAN DO IT!

I can’t even explain how fabulous I feel and how easy it is once you make the decision to go Paleo.  Read the science on how our body uses food and before long it is easy to say “no” to that fast food hamburger.  Trust me.

The Life with 4 Boys blog posted an entire 30 day freezer meal plan that is Sugar Detox and Paleo friendly.  How easy is that!?

What New Years Resolutions have you made this year?  What ones have you made in the past that you accomplished?



  1. You are such an amazing inspiration to everyone Rhea! You have done an amazing job with your weight loss this past year and I hope to follow in your footsteps in 2013!

  2. You know that you and Kathleen are the reason I took on this challenge. It’s been super hard, but I know it will get easier as the days pass. I’m so glad there are others doing it at the same time to share the experience!

  3. Rhea, you rock!!! You are such an inspiration and I cant wait to see you hit more goals this year.

  4. Amazing!!! You inspire me to go on a sugar detox.

  5. I am still in AWE of your weight loss! You are such an inspiration! I can’t wait to follow along your journey this year.

  6. I stumbled onto your site after looking for some recipes online. I started the Paleo Diet and Sugar Detox on Monday, the first time I’ve aggressively started a diet in my life. I’ve got about 80 lbs to lose and work for a gourmet dessert company where I feel like I am living in heaven and hell because I have a major sweet tooth. 40+ hours a week access to the best desserts in the world with no will power is something very hard to break! What sort of exercise have you done in addition to your Paleo diet to achieve your remarkable weight loss? You’ve done an amazing job!

    • Hi Missy! Oh, how hard it must be working in a place like that!! I LOVED baking and used to make cupcakes and such all.the.time. It was a habit I just had to break. You can do it. I’m glad you are doing the sugar detox, it helped me immensely! Breaking that sugar addiction was essential in getting into the groove and on the right track. After the detox you’ll find you won’t crave the sweets and that they actually will begin to taste weird and bad. I promise!

      After I lost my first 40 I joined the gym. There was a contest at first and got to go to group classes and had a personal trainer for a few weeks. That was fun and I loved it but couldn’t afford the services after the contest was over. So then I just hung out on the elliptical. I would try to go a few times a week but got out of habit over the holidays (something I’m trying to do again now). I walk and go hiking in addition to the elliptical. This year I’m going to do a couch to 5k plan and try to start running (EEK).

      Just take it one day at a time. Good luck!!!

      • Tina Cortez says:

        I’m very excited for you! :) I’ve been paleo since jan 1st. And I love it I miss my sweets though so I’m constantly looking for sweet recipes :) I would love to see before and after pics, I can’t find them on your site? Thank you and great job keep it up :) ………Tina ps it’s been 7 weeks and I’ve lost 12 lbs!! Yay

  7. I know this post is rather old, but its still very inspirational. I’ve debated Paleo for quite some time after having gone low-carb. Right now I’m clean eating but the weight is not coming down. I suffer from PCOS so it makes things difficult in the weight loss department. I have looked at Whole 30 and have the book and the 21 DSD and debated between the two. Might have to give 21 day a go.

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