I’ve decided (once again) to try and accomplish a Project 365.  You know, where you vow to take one picture each day for an entire year.  I think I’ve tried doing it for three years or so now and I usually only make it a couple weeks tops.  But this year I’ve decided that instead of trying to post a picture each day, I will only post once a week.  Now that my iPhone has a fancy collage ap, it will be super easy (at least in theory).  I’m doing the whole project with my phone, taking photos, editing and collaging (is that a word?).  Hopefully I’ll follow through.

Week One – Project 365

Jan 1:  My loves celebrating New Years Day at grandmas (next door).

Jan 2:  Chicken Curry (I can’t help it…I take pictures of food).

Jan 3:  Breakfast of eggs, spinach and bacon (lots of food pics).

Jan 4:  (yet another food pic) That was bacon wrapped chicken with sauteed spinach.

Jan 5:  That was me and Nathan.  He was chatting with his dad on Facebook and we discovered we could send pictures with chat.  He was amused that I could take pictures on the phone, send it in and have it instantly appear on the computer chat window.  He’s six.

Jan 6:  Anthony!  He was so freaking happy that day.  He was off meds.

Jan 7:  This was my view from work today.  I have a fabulous job that lets me get out.  It’s awesome.

Are you doing a project 365?  I would love to visit!  I love pictures.  Just drop a link in your comment.  Have a great day!