week2My PicCollage ap put these completely out of date order….I was too lazy to fix it.  oops.  So top to bottom/left to right:

  • Jan 14:  My “office.”  I have such a great job!
  • Jan 11:  Found this on Pinterest and it made me LOL
  • Jan 10:  Another day at work.  My new job site has these fun full-size Star Wars cardboard cutouts.  Be prepared to see Darth and C3PO in the future.
  • Jan 9:  My Gabriel <3
  • Jan 13:  I made some kick-ass roasted chicken!  If you’re lucky I’ll get around to posting the recipe.
  • Jan 12:  My friends gave me some home-grown duck eggs to try!  They didn’t kill me.  *bonus*
  • Jan 14:  Just me (again) being silly.