I don’t talk a lot about my job here.  You know, the actual work I do outside of the house, besides parenting and blogging and housekeeping.  The part of my day that I absolutely LOVE.  I work with adults who have various disabilities and I assist them with learning community and independent living skills.  My day basically consists of going shopping, going to the movies, picnic’s, hiking and museums.  Yeah, it’s a really rough job.

Unfortunately, any kind of social services job in California gets the bottom of the pay scale in wages.  The state just has cut budgets so much, that the people working the hardest, the ones in direct care, get the least amount of pay.  I’ve been going to school (taking online classes in addition to working, parenting, housekeeping and blogging) so that I can improve my life by moving up into better paying social services positions.  Well, this week, I was offered one of those positions.

An independent living company here in San Diego has offered me a Coordinator position.  It’s basically case management for all of their participants.  More office work, less shopping, but a LOT more pay.  I had to make the agonizing decision this week of whether I wanted to leave the job I love for the unknown just for the money.

It is not often a person finds a job that they adore.  The people are great, the work is rewarding, you are happy to actually go into work.  I have that job.  Do I want to give it all up??  Now social services jobs are usually full of nice people.  It’s just the nature of the work.  People don’t do this work if they aren’t nice and compassionate and fun.  So I am sure that my new job will bring new friends and I will love it just as much.  I hope.   At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Someone tell me that it will be okay.  Have you left a job you love and was comfortable with for something new and challenging and scary?  Did you regret it?  Please tell me I won’t regret this.