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Letter to Our Sons – Anthony


I am participating in a new “round robin” type meme with my friends and each month I will write a heartfelt (or not) letter to one of my sons.  At the end of my letter, I will link up to the next person who is also participating.  If you care to, you are invited to click through and visit all of our letters.  Not everyone has a son, so there are daughter letters, too.  I chose to participate because I thought it would be a fun way to write a little letter to my kids and hopefully tell them exactly how much I love them.

Dear Anthony,

It is actually kind of difficult for me to sit down and write this letter to you today because I am annoyed at you.  Today, you went on a field trip with your class and even though you tried for weeks to get permission to take your iPod on the field trip, you know that the answer was “no.”  Your father and I had said “no” (over and over again) because for one, it was a school function and you didn’t need to take it.  And for two, you have a penchant for absentmindedness and I was fearful that you would set it down and lose it (remember the DSi that you lost and the other iPod that was missing for months before you found it only to forgot it in your pocket and take it into the ocean?).

Your father and I do things for a reason.  You may think that our reasons are stupid, but they are ours and unfortunately, you need to abide by them.  We only wanted to protect your beloved electronic devise and in turn, it would protect you from the disappointment of losing it.

I try to instill in you the virtue of being honest.  Don’t I always tell you, “be trustworthy!”  If you are never anything else in your whole life, you need to be trustworthy.  If people can not trust you then you will never have friends.  Your dad and I won’t ever let you do anything.  You won’t be able to go anywhere.  We have to trust you before we let you drive a car or go out with friends.  I know those things seem far off, but now is the time to learn integrity and prove to us that you can be trusted, so that when the time comes, there will be no hesitation from us.  We will be “sure!  Go have fun!  We trust you.”

At this rate, I don’t ever see that happening.

Please, my first love, my Anthony.  Be trustworthy.  I know it doesn’t seem important right now and the desire to sneak that iPod into your backpack seemed way more cool than showing us that you could be trusted.  But some day, you will want to go to your friends house.  You will want to go out on Friday night.  You will want to drive to Los Angeles for some concert.  And at that time, you will be glad that your parents trust you.

I love you, Anthony.  No matter what!

Love, Mom

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  1. Maybe it is a boy thing but my son loses and/or breaks everything. He lost my iPod Touch, broke my iPad (sneaking it into his room one night), and lost 2 cellphones. When do they get more responsible?

  2. I can’t wait to enjoy that phase of boyhood. Can’t wait to read your next month’s!

  3. I can so relate to this letter. I continuously tell the kids that I want them to be open and honest with us. No matter what they have done or gotten into trouble for or whatever, if they are honest and truthful about it, I will be understanding and helpful. When I am lied to however, I blow my top! It’s a hard point to get across sometimes!

  4. I love that you are writing to him and expressing what positive qualities you want him to have. He’s going to see so much love and respect from you when he reads these letters!

  5. Thanks mom I also will love you no matter what

  6. I just want to say, I LOVE this! Found you thru this Letter blog hop! (from Beauty4Moms /
    Makes me just want to write to my girls, privately tho! Lets see how well I do that! Sounds easy enough! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I love this Rhea. I fully agree with the message and have been working on this with Owen. I also adore the photo! Anthony has your beautiful smile for sure!


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