Shhhh. It’s Cheryl again. Hijacking Rhea’s blog. (Find birthday #38 and #39) I had such good intentions this year! I wanted to make Rhea’s 40th the first time that we’d meet “in real life”. Funny, I’ve felt as though I’ve known her for years- and I have!

Isn’t she cute? She doesn’t look a day over 39!

I worked my butt off to try to surprise Rhea for her birthday. But alas, the stars were not aligned this year. Maybe I’ll finally find one of those sugar daddies and surprise her then.

Rhea up and left me for the real work world over a year ago and although I’ve gotten used to being all lonely and stuff during the day, something tells me I should take the leap and find my own big girl job. Then maybe I’d be able to afford the trip myself! 😉

Hey Rhea, since you have a big girl job now, maybe YOU should come see me! You have 3 months to work on it. Get started. 40 looks good on you, beastie, you’re a role model and inspiration to all of us who are making a lifestyle change by losing weight. I told you before you started that if I could lose weight anyone can. And you totally one upped me. 😉

Happy 40th birthday, hope it’s not too tough on you!! You’ll have to let me know if 40 really is the new 30.