A new chapter has begun in the lives of my boys….that of “off-roaders.”  They have been camping their entire lives. Anthony first went to the desert when he was six months old.  But they have always had to be content to wait for their grandpa, uncle or cousins to give them a ride.

desertTwins – 2009

The boys are getting bigger now, and with bigger comes bigger adventure.  They want to do things for themselves, go where they want…when they want.  They are getting restless waiting around for the big kids to give them rides.  It’s all part of growing up.  I knew the time would be here soon enough when I was going to have to figure out how to afford THREE quads (motorcycles…bikes…etc etc).

desert1 (2)Getting Dirty – 2010

Well, lucky for the boys (and ME!), they have a FABULOUS grandpa!  He has spent several months, and several dollars, trying to get this little 50cc quad up and running for them.  Yesterday, they finally got to give it a whirl.


A Boy and His Toy – 2013

We puttered it around the yard for  a while yesterday, it was HILARIOUS.  Anthony has been on a quad before so he knew the basics of what to do.  It didn’t take him any time to get it moving.  Unfortunately, it kept stalling out.  Gabriel got to ride next.  It was his FIRST time ever on a quad.  You should have seen dad and I running behind him telling him to keep his feet picked up!  He only got to ride it for a few short minutes before it died completely.  *pout*  Nathan was a great sport and took not getting a turn better than I expected.

Today, grandpa was messing with some settings, putting in some new gas (with a different gas:oil ratio) and hopefully after school they can give it another try.

Do you off-road?  How old were your kids when you let them ride ORV (ATV’s) independently?

And I realize Anthony does not have on a helmet in the picture but I promise he had it on when the engine turned over!