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Coppin’ A Squat


I just love the face he is making while he sits on what once was the “toilet” on the Star of India.  Must be a boy thing….


  1. only a boy!

  2. Such a boy thing to do! :) At least he looks comfortable!

  3. LOL! I bet that is a moment he will remember!

  4. Ha! Great expression on him.

  5. Yep must be a boy thing. He’s adorable though.

  6. Too funny!

  7. Too funny. Wonder what he’ll think of that picture when he’s older? I suppose being a boy he’ll probably find it hilarious. ;-)

  8. Great picture!! Make sure to save it to show his future bride!! lol

  9. Ha, thats a boy for you.

  10. too funny. boys are so weird lol

  11. And only a mom would take a picture of him doing that!

  12. That is so funny! One of my boys would have done the same thing.

  13. He looks cute!

  14. Those are very cozy toilets. Your son’ face is funny. LOL

  15. So funny! Don’t cha just love boys!

  16. Tooo cute. :)

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