It’s the first day of Fall and Back to School season is well underway.  If you are like me, you did a little happy dance when they went off to school.  So cute, so happy, so full of promise for what the school year would bring.  New friends, old friends…it’s always so exciting!

It can also be a little bit stressful.  Buying clothes so they don’t look like dweebs, getting cool shoes, stylish haircuts and don’t forget the back to school supplies!   Sometimes the list of requested school supplies seems endless.  This is why the world created Staples.


Staples has a new expanded assortment of educational supplies whether your kid is going back to brick and mortar school or virtual school (hats off to the homeschoolers!).  Staples now carries a HUGE selection of Crayola, Leap Frog, Melissa & Doug and more.  For the smaller learners, they have a new and very cool Crayon Wall where you can pick a tin and fill it up with your own choice of fun new shades like Macaroni & Cheese or Royal Purple Glitter.

StaplesCrayolaWith the new school year starting I decided it would be a good time to get organized at home.  My boys are getting older (*tear*) and one weekend I was cleaning the house and picking up their ginormous mess and I had an “ah-ha moment.”  By gosh, they can start doing some chores to help me!  And, I mean doing some real chores.  Not just picking up after themselves.  That is expected (although not always enforced).  I’m a terrible enabler and I’ve enabled them to be pigs.

No More.

So my back to school routine consisted of creating a chore chart.

ChoreChartSuppliesFrom Staples I purchased these assorted colored chips that are used for sorting and counting.  They were the perfect size for making chore magnets.  Also from Staples, I purchased some Dry-erase pencils to help guide my permanent marks.  After I was done with my chart, the boys will use these on their own dry-erase board to play and draw and practice writing.  Finally, I purchased some stick on letters from Staples in order to label my chore chart.

I decided to assign each boy their own color chip and I assigned different chores for each kid.  The oldest got a few harder chores (cleaning the toilet, vacuuming) and the twins got a few chores the same but things like cleaning the catbox needs done more than once a week anyways so it was ok.

I gave each boy ten chores.  They are expected to do all the chores over the coarse of the week.  How they break them up is up to them (4 in one day and none the next; 2 per day, etc).  Each child is working for a specific dollar amount allowance.  They must do ALL the chores in order to get the amount.  If they miss one chore…they don’t get any allowance.  Additionally, if they are bad (mean to brothers, back talk to parents, etc) then we can take money away with the yellow “negative dollar” chips.

ChoreChartMistakeI never expected that I needed to really read the instructions on the letter stickers.

How hard can placing stickers be?

Well, clearly…it is harder than it sounds!

I ended up with all kinds of crooked letters and wrinkles!  According the package, I should have gotten the surface of my magnetic board wet to make placing the letters easier.  *lesson learned*

ChoreChartOverall, I’m super excited about our new Back to School Chore Chart!  The boys are excited, too and have already started doing chores (this is our first week so I’ll let you know how it goes).  The only supply I had to get from somewhere other than Staples was the magnet stickers that I picked up from the craft store.

Chore Chart Supplies:

Magnetic Dry-Erase Board (cost varies…I already had one so it was free for me!)
Dry Erase Pencils (for marking your guide lines)
2″ Glitter Letters & Numbers (mine were vinyl)
Pack of plastic sorting chips (or the 1″ wooden chips from the craft store would work)
Black Sharpie
Roll of magnetic strips (comes in a roll with a peel off back to stick to the chips)

I spent about $15 on the letters, dry erase pencils, chips and magnets. Whoop!

giveawayI am so excited that I get to give someone a prize!  I haven’t had a giveaway in for-EVER (have you noticed?  Sorry!).  Anyhow.  Courtesy of our good friends at Staples, I get to give someone special a $25.00 gift card to a Staples store near you (or online).  YAY!

Because I’m out of practice on the giveaway front…this one is going to be EASY.  Leave me a comment on this post.  I want to know what your favorite office supply is!  Sorry for you Rafflecopter lovers…but I’m old school over here. 🙂

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