My baby is NINE.YEARS.OLD.  How in the world did that happen?  It seems like just yesterday I was driving his screaming butt all over town hoping that he would stop screaming and actually sleep.  He was just a few weeks old when we went to change his diaper and he literally projectile squirted liquid poo across the room.  I tried catching it in my hands (so it wouldn’t make a “mess”) and in between sobbing I couldn’t stop laughing.


IMG_07732010 – 6 years old

I see the young man that my little boy is becoming and I’m so proud of him.  He is kind and thoughtful and loves to help.  He likes to hang out with grandpa and shop with grandma.  Just last night he was watching a movie and his brother started crying (it was the Titanic).  Anthony was really into the movie but instantly decided he was done watching it…just so Nathan didn’t have to watch the people sink.


Nine was such a monumental age for me.  It’s how old I was when my father died.  So I look at my son and I realize that he will remember this year.  He will remember nine.  I want to do my best to make it a good year, one worth remembering!  So Happy Birthday Anthony!  I hope it is a wonderful year!