If you’ve been around these parts any length of time then you know I’ve successfully completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox once.  I’ve attempted it a few times…but only finished the full three weeks one time.  That’s because it isn’t easy!

I first stumbled upon the detox when I was looking into how to change my eating and finally get healthy (aka:  loose weight).  I found it as a downloadable eBook over at the Balanced Bites website.  It was $15.00 to download the guides and recipes and I thought “what the hell,” let’s give it a go!  There was a TON of information in that little pdf file about why sugar was bad and the science behind why doing a detox (and ultimately going Paleo) was good for you.  I was SOLD and I dove in.  It was January of 2012 and that was the beginning of my Paleo Journey.

Here we are almost 2 whole years later, and  I’m a faithful fan of Diane Sanfilippo and her 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I really truly believe it was instrumental in jump starting my path to healthy living.  I do not believe I could have successfully lost nearly 90 pounds without first squashing my sugar cravings.  I am very happy to have been given the chance to pour over the new 21 Day Sugar Detox BOOK before it was even available in stores and to tell you what I think.

21 day sugar detox recipes

*double pork tenderloin * buffalo chicken egg muffins * jalapeno bacon burgers

This book is 239 pages of AMAZING!

There is SO much information in this book, it’s crazy.

  • The science behind sugar
  • Preparation checklists
  • A quiz to determine what level to start at
  • Meal plans (if you like it spelled out for you)
  • Lists of what to eat and what not to eat
  • Pages of recommended brands to take the guess work out of staring at the sauce isle
  • Modifications for Pescetarian or extra energy for athletes and pregnant/nursing moms
  • Tips for eating out
  • The differences between fats and oils (hot, cold, saturated and unsaturated)
  • Substitutions for your old favorites
  • And SO MUCH more!

Then of course, the best part:  Over 90 delicious recipes!

I am on Day 10 of my sugar detox and I have made several of the recipes in this book.  I can not say I have been disappointed with anything.  They are simple, easy to follow and downright tasty.

I’ve made the Smokey Spice Blend and the Italian Sausage Spice Blend, a few Coconut Milk Smoothies, the Green Apple Breakfast Sausage (BIG hit with the kids!), Veggie Pancakes, Jalapeno Burgers, Perfectly Grilled Chicken Breast, Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins, Double Pork Tenderloin, Balsamic Braised Beef, Cocoa-Chili Roasted Cauliflower, Simple Beef Jerky, Granny Smith Apple Crumble, and today the Broccoli & Bacon Salad.

Whew.  That’s a LOT of recipes!

baconbroccolisaladBroccoli Bacon Salad with Creamy Balsamic Dressing

Every recipe has been easy to follow and my kids have liked almost everything.  I did leave the jalapeno’s out of their burgers and they weren’t a fan of the balsamic beef, but I’ve enjoyed every recipe I’ve tried.  And my husband, who is doing his very first sugar detox, has enjoyed eating dinner, too!

Just today I made the Broccoli Bacon Salad.  The recipe calls for homemade mayo (recipe in the book!) and for some reason….probably because I was in a hurry…my mayonnaise did not turn out *sad panda*  It is the first thing out of the book that I didn’t have good luck with.


I improvised and adjusted and my salad was fabulous so I thought I would share my version just in case you suck at making mayo, too.

Broccoli & Bacon Salad (mostly from the 21 Day Sugar Detox Book)

  • 5-6 slices of chopped bacon
  • 1 large head of broccoli (or about 4 big handfuls of already chopped and bagged broccoli)
  • 1/4 cup bacon grease
  • 1 tsp gluten-free dijon mustard
  • 3 Tbs balsamic vinegar
  • 2 Tbs minced shallot
  • Sea salt and pepper to taste

The original recipe calls for 1/4 cup of the home made mayo but I screwed my mayo up.  The alternate version in the book stated to use 1/4 cup olive oil but I figured since everything is better with bacon (and I used the last of my olive oil in my defunct mayo) I decided it would be great to just use 1/4 cup bacon grease (think like a spinach salad).  Boy, am I glad I did!

Chop (or I use scissors) your bacon into small pieces and cook over medium heat until crisp.  When done, transfer your bacon onto a paper towel covered plate to drain and cool.  Reserve 1/4 cup of bacon grease into a small mixing bowl.  While your bacon is cooking, steam your chopped broccoli.  I did mine in the microwave with my Tupperwear steamer, but you can accomplish it stove top in a covered pan with about 1 inch of water in the bottom.  Steam for approximately 5 minutes (you don’t want mushy broccoli!).  Once it is done steaming, immediately rinse in cold water to stop the cooking and maintain the beautiful bright green color.

In the small mixing bowl that holds your cooling 1/4 cup bacon grease, add the dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, minced shallot, salt and pepper.  Whisk well until combined.

Toss broccoli, bacon and dressing together in a large bowl and serve!  As a side, this could serve about 4 people, but I was a hungry pig and ate the whole thing for lunch *blush*

So.  As you can (hopefully) see, I REALLY tested out this cookbook.  I read it cover to cover and prepared many of it’s recipes.  It is a damn good book!  If you have ever thought about doing a sugar detox, if you have ever wanted to lose weight, if you have ever wanted to get healthy…then this is a great place to start.  You will never look at food the same way again!

The The 21-Day Sugar Detox is available online October 29, 2013 from Amazon and will be released in most book stores.  There are reports that it’s already been leaked to airport bookstores (heads up if you are traveling!).  It is not a HUGE book, but it is PACKED full of great information.

Disclosure:  I was provided an advanced copy of the 21 Day Sugar Detox Book in order to provide my honest review.  The Amazon link at the end of the post is an affiliate link.  All opinions are my own!!