As I’m writing this it’s TWO weeks until Christmas! YAY! or EEEK! I don’t know which one you fall under…I am under the “YAY” camp, but even though I am excited about the holiday, there is always stress.

  • Will we have enough money to buy everything?
  • Where are we eating dinner on Christmas?
  • Your wish list costs how much?
  • What am I making for dinner?
  • You want WHAT for Christmas?
  • We have to be in three places at once?
  • How many parties can one attend in one weekend?
  • Where exactly did you see that cat?
  • etc…etc…etc…

That’s why this holiday season I am suggesting that YOU take a break.


Total Woman Gym and Spa has been California’s largest, full-service gym and spa for over 40 years.

Total Woman Services:

  1. Impeccably Clean, Stunning Facilities
  2. State-of-the-art Cardiovascular and Strength Training Equipment
  3. Expert Personal Training and Private Pilates Instruction
  4. Dynamic Group Fitness Classes such as Power Yoga, Kickboxing,
  5. Zumba and more!
  6. A Luxurious Day Spa with Massages, Facials, Body Treatments & more!
  7. Relaxing Sauna & Steam room and Quiet Areas
  8. Safe & Fun Kid’s Club
  9. Compassionate, Motivating & Helpful staff
  10. 15 Locations to serve you in California!

I am 40 years old and I had NEVER had a massage before now!  I was always too self-conscious, felt too “big” to have some stranger rubbing me all over.  When I went to my appointment I was SO nervous.

I chose to have my Signature Swedish Massage at the Mission Valley location since in was close to my work.  When I arrived, I wasn’t overly impressed with the outside of the building.  It was located in a largely industrial area (office buildings and such) and looked very plain.  But once I walked through the doors I could tell it was special!

staircaseA beautiful spiral staircase led to the upstairs spa.

atmospheredayspaAtmosphere Day Spa.  Ohhhh la la!

I felt a little lost at the top of the stairs.  There were several doors leading various places.  I found the Pilates Studio and another Group Fitness Room.  Then I finally stumbled upon the Spa.  I walked through the doors and was SO nervous.

The lady at the desk was so very nice.  She asked if I wanted to have the robe and slippers with a locker (this was optional).  I said “sure” since I had never done it before I might as well go all out!  She led me back into the locker room.  It was gorgeous.  She opened the locker and handed me a beautifully wrapped robe.  I asked her if she was sure it would fit my fat butt…She assured me that it would.  She then said that they liked to serve all kinds of beautiful bodies.


I’m still nervous, so I wander into the granite counter-top restrooms and change.  I was pleasantly surprised that the robe fit!  It was very comfy.


After I was dressed (or undressed?)  I headed back to the front desk where I was escorted to the “quiet room.”  There were teas, honey sticks, granola, lemon water and dim lighting.  It was so comfortable.  It didn’t take long until my girl, Stephanie came in to meet me.

I explained to Stephanie that this was my first massage and that I was nervous.  Again, I was reassured that I had nothing to be self-conscious about.  She explained that I was to get a relaxing Swedish Massage and foot scrub.

I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was just told I had an appointment at 3pm but I didn’t know what my appointment was for.  For all I knew it was going to be a chair massage like you see in the mall!  But, NO!  This was ONE HOUR of pure BLISS!  I had no idea that you could have your knee caps massaged, or your ear lobes or under your shoulder blades.  She left no muscle untouched.

I darn near fell asleep.  Which she assured me was perfectly normal.


The Swedish Massage is billed at 60 or 85 minutes, but mine lasted about 1 hour 15 minutes.

I told my husband that I needed an increase in my allowance.

And, now I come back to reality and all that holiday stress.   Boo.

How would YOU like to WIN a little break from reality??


I am so excited because I don’t get to give away one prize, but TEN!  Yes, TEN people get to experience this blissful escape from reality courtesy of Total Woman Gym and Spa!  YAY!  I will select 10 winners and each winner will get their choice of Signature Massage or Signature Facial.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately for some)  Total Woman Gym and Spa is only on the West Coast.  So this giveaway is only going to benefit you if you live in sunny California!  Please click HERE to see if you have a location near you before you enter!!

Entering is easy.  Please leave a blog comment on this post telling me your favorite way to RELAX during the holidays!

 Call me old-fashioned, but you can find all the ways to gain extra entries HERE.  No rafflecopter or crazy jumping-through-hoops here.  Just old fashioned, leave comments, get entries.

TEN winners will be chosen on Friday December 20, 2013 at 10pm PST.  Winners are chosen at random with “And the Winner is… plugin.”  Winners will be notified via email and have 48 hours to reply and claim their prize.

Good luck and happy relaxing!!


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Congratulations Ladies!  I’ll be emailing you and you will have 48 hours to claim your prize.  Merry Christmas!