Yea, I realize that January is almost over, get over it.

I’ve had this post in my queue for weeks.  I’ve rewritten it 4-5 times.   It started out as a Paleo post, then an “embrace the fat girl” post and then a “I’m trying essential oils” post.  I know, I’m a freak.  I can’t help it.  So in an attempt to write something and wish all my online (aka: imaginary) friends a Happy New Year I just started writing.

I’ll just combine all my post revisions into one.  K?

I still love Paleo.  I like the recipes, I like that it’s healthy.  I try to eat as much Paleo as possible but, I just ate a pint of Sea Salt Carmel Gelato because I like that, too.  So there.

I’ve gained back some of the weight I lost and I’m OKAY with that!  I’ve decided that I will still share Paleo recipes and cookbooks and tips, if and when I feel like it.  But I don’t plan on eating and breathing Paleo anymore.  It’s not realistic for me.  I like cup cakes and pasta, too.

Instead, I want to just try and be healthy and happy.  I want my kids to be healthy and happy.  I want my dog to be healthy and happy (and my cat and my snake).

I will go forth as a supporter of the Body Positive movement (is that a movement?).  I’ll not be embarrassed by my fatness.  I really am a pretty darn healthy fat chick.  Go figure.

Oh, and I’ve started using Essential Oils.  WOW ya’ll!  I love them.  As I learn more about them I will be sharing.  So far I’m cleaning with them and want to try and find some alternatives to all the medicine we use in this house.  I think I’m just at the tip of the iceberg with this.  I’ve chosen to use Young Living essential oils and can’t wait to share what I learn with you!

So that’s how my year has started out.  How about you?  What’s up?