My dearest Beasty,

Isn’t it about time you changed the password on your little ‘ol blog? Although I’m quite glad you haven’t because it means I get to log in and wish you a happy birthday here. 🙂 PS: You haven’t posted in a while, you should get on that. 😉

Looking through your archives, I notice I didn’t post last year. Strange since I posted in 2011 and 2012. I wish I could say that this note will be even better than the last two but nope. Sorry!

Gotta tell you, I hate your big girl job and the fact that you seem to have gotten a life while I sit here, eating bon bons and watching Dr. Oz without you. Those were the good ‘ol days, weren’t they? Ignoring the children to talk about fun things? All day/everyday!? So glad you put up with me but damn. It’s lonely around here with both girls in school!!

I tried to vow last year that 2013 would be the year we finally meet but that wasn’t in the cards. I’m working my ass off to make this a reality this year. You could get a passport and just come here since you’re the one with a big girl job- not me. 😉

Anyway, beasty, your facebook says your boys are barfing. I’ll be hiding in my closet, awaiting wine and Buddha to come visit. I’ll even supply the cake!

Sooooooo meeting in person in 2014?! I’d say it’s about time and all that mushy shit. Happy birthday, beasty and I hope you don’t barf on your birthday. If you do, we might have to terminate our friendship.