San Diego’s Petco Park is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year.  I was so surprised that it has already been around for so long.  And you know what?  I have NEVER been to a Padre’s game there!  Bob and I have always talked about going and wanting to take the boys to a game, it’s just never happened.  First the boys were too little, and now that they are big enough to actually want to go, affording it has turned into an issue.  By the time you get tickets, then snacks and downtown parking, etc etc etc…it REALLY adds up.  Well this is where ScoreBig can help.


Come to find out, thousands of event tickets go un-sold every year.  These venues offer tickets to ScoreBig to sell off for them with savings sometimes of up to 60% off!  ScoreBig offers a unique “bidding” environment where you put in how much you want to spend on tickets and they then find tickets for you in that price range.  It is really pretty cool, too!

How ScoreBig Works

  1. Visit and choose your city/event location.  You can search by venue, show, sports team, city, etc.
  2. ScoreBig does not tell you what the tickets cost.  Instead, you enter what you want to pay!
  3. You do get to choose certain seating “levels.”  The levels go from nosebleed to floor seats and that determines your price range.  By choosing the area you want rather than exact seats, you let the ticket providers give you better deals on available tickets that they want sold.
  4. Get your answer instantly!  Find out right away if the venue accepts your offer.
  5. You never pay fees for service or ticket delivery.

When I visited ScoreBig for the first time, I registered for a free account and was then able to search all the events available in my area.  I could choose from local attractions like Legoland and Sea World, concerts like One Republic, and pretty much all sporting events.  If you are lucky enough to live somewhere like New York, there is a ton of Broadway Show’s!  I decided very quickly that I would like to go see the Padre’s play at Petco Park.

The twins’ birthday was coming and we considered getting tickets for everyone to go to a game.  But after deliberation, we decided that the twins would really not be interested in sitting through a baseball game (something I later regretted because Nathan was SO upset when I told him he wasn’t going to the game with us!  oops!).  I decided instead to get really GREAT tickets for just Bob and I.

Screenshot 2014-04-23 18.58



I chose to try and get field level seats in the “6 Star Seating Area.”  On the Padre’s ticket website, these field level, VIP seats were about $91.00 each.  On ScoreBig, I only paid $62.00 each!  For the math challenged, that’s nearly a $30.00 discount.  Plus, I didn’t have to pay any ticket fees for delivery, etc.  Score!  I did have to wait almost a week for my tickets to be delivered into my email, but then I just had to print them and we are ready to go.

Hubs and I will be going to our first Petco Park Padre game and we have field level seats.  We are SO EXCITED!

So, the next time you are looking for a date night or family activity where tickets are needed, check out and see what kind of money you can save.

FTC DISCLOSURE:  I was offered a voucher to facilitate my use and purchase of tickets on this website.