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Everyday Oils: Lavender Essential Oil


I started using Young Living Essential Oils a few months ago and decided that it was a good idea to share with you my favorite uses from the Everyday Oils collection which is what you can get when you sign up as a member of Young Living.  This way, you will know what all can be done with the amazing oils in this collection!

Lavender Oil is considered one of the most versatile oils ever.  It’s been called the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils because it just does SO much.  If you are thinking about trying essential oils, get a good bottle of Lavender.  I find myself using this yummy oil every single day.

Sleep Enhancer

I have three boys and they all share the same bedroom.  As you can imagine, bedtime is WILD.  One son has ADHD and getting them to calm down and go to sleep seemed impossible most of the time.  As soon as I got my diffuser and bottle of Lavender it went straight into their room.  At night now I alternate between Lavender and Peace & Calming (another Everyday Oil that I’ll talk about later) and bedtime has been much nicer!  My insomniac son (very typical for those with ADHD) is now falling asleep easier and staying asleep.  Everyone is happy!

Stop Insect Bite Itch

Summertime is here and that means more outdoor activities and more instances of getting bit by creepy bugs.  I was at my cousins graduation party a few weeks ago and ended up with four mysterious bug bites.  The itch was driving me MAD!  Then I remembered Lavender was supposed to be good and one drop killed the itch for hours!  So awesome.

Minor Cuts/Scratches 

Gabe had a painful hangnail recently and a drop of Lavender stopped the pain instantly.  Minor knee scrapes (BOYS!), splinters, finger cuts, etc etc.  A drop of Lavender and the pain goes away and the natural antiseptic qualities kill the germs to promote quick healing.  While I’ve not tried putting it on a bruise, it is said to help reduce ugly bruising as well.


Seasonal allergies are upon us and I used to have to take an antihistamine  Lavender has natural antihistamine properties in it as well.  I combine a drop of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint in a big 32oz glass of water.  I drink a few of these a day (I love water and always have my cup filled so its easier enough to put a few drops in) and I haven’t taken any allergy meds all summer.  Whoop!


Lavender is fabulous and easing the discomfort of a sunburn.  I have a small spritzer bottle filled with water, a couple drops of almond oil and several drops of Lavender.  I keep this on hand and when one of my boys gets a little crispy I spray him with my Lavender spray to make the sting go away.


The other day I was baking cookies and burned my knuckle on the oven shelf.  A drop of lavender had it feeling SO much better and it healed quickly without all the gross blistering that burns usually do.

Soothes a Rash

My boys all have weird allergies and skin sensitivities.  Lately they have been getting a rash from swimming in the pool (even though chlorine levels are good…something isn’t reacting well to their skin).  We have started just rinsing off in the hose after swimming but the first few days I needed to sooth their mysterious rash.  I mixed a few drops of lavender into some carrier oil (Sweet Almond Oil) and gently dabbed it on their rashes.  Gabe was rashy all where his bathing suit went (butt, hips, thighs, etc).   Anthony had a rash all over his neck and upper chest.  Lavender soothed it and the rash was completely gone when they woke up.

These are just some of the ways I have used Lavender Essential Oil with my family.  I only recommend and love Young Living Oils.  How do you use Lavender?