easy DIY minecraft party

Our Twins turned eight years old this year and like 98% of other eight year old boys in this country, they insisted on having a Minecraft Birthday Party.   Unfortunately, Minecraft Birthday Supplies do NOT exist in the party stores.  I don’t know why this is…it seems to me that it would be a marketing gold mine!  Nonetheless, I had to set out and create everything myself.  With the help of Pinterest and some other savvy mom blogs, I had plenty of ideas and it all came together to create lots of smiles and happy little kids!  Here is how I did it:

Minecraft Food

Minecraft food is way fun!  It is super easy to google various Minecraft food graphics and make simple tent cards (eg: search “minecraft watermelon,” minecraft sticks,” etc).  This doubles as informational as well as decorative.  If you google or search Pinterest you will find a lot of clever food variations.  I have seen red licorice dubbed as “TNT” and I have seen people use Sweedish Fish candy for “fish” instead of Goldfish Crackers.  Whichever way you go, just be creative.  The food can be as simple or complicated as you wish to make it.  Since our party was for a bunch of eight year olds, I went for kid-friendly finger foods that they could grab and go in between swimming and playing.

minecraft watermelon minecraft chicken

If you are good at Photoshop, you can find FREE Minecraft Fonts over at www.dafont.com.  The one I used for my food tent cards is called Minecraftia.

minecraft lava punch

minecraft mushrooms
minecraft food ideas 1


Minecraft Decorations

Even decorating was a piece of cake.  I had seen other people who used a paper “grass” found on amazon for their tablescapes, but I chose to use a plastic green grass tablecloth because it wouldn’t disintegrate getting wet, was easier to clean up, cheaper and all around more practical.

Minecraft is full of spiders and it was easy peasy to make these huge spiders out of black balloons and black crepe paper streamers that I picked up at the Dollar Tree!  I had several kids cringe a little in fear when they walked in before they realized what they were made out of!   I had three of them up in my dining room.

minecraft party decorations

minecraft ghast decorationI didn’t get a good picture of our “Nether Portal” but my kitchen is kind of separate from the dining room and we used simple crepe paper streamers again to make the kitchen into The Nether.  We just taped long pieces of streamer across the entry way.

My husband created this “Ghast” by covering a square box in white trash bags.  The Ghast face was easily found on google and just printed out and taped in place.  Our boys were a little annoyed that the Ghast was “peeking” out of  The Nether because apparently that wasn’t accurate to the game.  But it was the only way we could think of to showcase the Ghast.

Minecraft Cake

This years birthday cake was the easiest one I have ever made.  In years past I have made complicated cakes, but with a Minecraft Party, the cake is just a square white cake with square red decorations.  I just baked two square cakes and stacked them up, covered them with white buttercream frosting.  To create the red squares, I used Wilton Sugar Sheet in red.

minecraft cakeMinecraft “dirt” was just brownies covered in green icing.  My nine year old helped decorate those so they aren’t exactly to my usual standards….

minecraft party thank you cards

Again, just google “minecraft creeper” and/or “minecraft steve” and you will get all kinds of pixleated images to use for various decorations.  I created our “thank you” bag tags and filled up baggies with precious gems and gold (aka:  Jelly Bellies and gold/silver Hershey Nuggets).

happy minecraft birthday

I have to say that our party was a huge success!  We did not play any official games but swam instead.  It was a great day and I still can’t believe my babies are getting so big!