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I Refuse To Shove Young Living Down Your Throat


Essential Oils are quite the rage right now.  They are AMAZING, and I do not dispute that..  The people pushing them, however, can be a little…um….over the top.

Have you noticed?

I love and recommend Young Living.  When I post information or recipes here, they are usually made with Young Living.  I did a lot of reading and research and decided, for myself, that this was the company I wanted to be part of.

Is there anything wrong with the other companies?  Not necessarily.  But the truth of the matter is, Essential Oils are not FDA regulated so really there could be anything in that bottle no matter where it came from.  “Therapeutic Grade” is just a marketing term, there is no such thing according to the FDA.

Lately it seems that everyone is pushing their brand of oils.  And, they are being super obnoxious about it!  If someone asks an oil question on Facebook no less than TEN people jump on and start preaching THEIR oil.

“You MUST use XXX brand, otherwise it’s crap.”

“Only MY brand will fix that, others are crap.”

“You just HAVE to buy from me because otherwise you will end up with crap.”

“I’m leery of THAT oil…I wouldn’t use it on my face because it’s crap.”

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Crap crap crap crap.


Multi-Level Marketing

Young Living (as well as doTERRA) are multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.  Essentially, that means that if you sign up under me, then I can potentially make commissions off of your future purchases and sales.  Cool beans!?  Well, yes.  Except that when people get obnoxious and start shoving their company down your throat and bad-mouthing everyone else just so they can make a buck.  I’m sure you agree with me that that totally sucks butt.

It has gotten so bad on my own Social Media accounts that I don’t even want to share.  And that is a shame!  Essential Oils are AWESOME, but I am so turned off by other people’s tactics that I distance myself from it all.  I don’t want others to think that “I” am also pushing them to sign up, just so I can make a profit off of them.  I honestly and truly only share oils with my friends because I LOVE THEM and want to help.  Not because I want to use you to make money.  Period.

How do you know they are truly wanting to help you and not just using you?

If you LOVE or want to try Young Living Essential Oils, then AWESOME.  I am happy to help you!  But you have to come to me first.  I will not chase you down and shove it down your throat until you sign up just to shut me up.   If you want to buy something from another company, but you want to ask me questions first about uses and recipes, then AWESOME.  I will help you with that, too.  I won’t be offended that you buy from somewhere else.  It’s a completely personal decision.  No pressure sales tactics from me.

Wanna know a secret?  I have other brands of oils in my cupboard.  EEK!  ssshhhh!  Don’t tell on me.

So, Young Living IS my favorite.  It is the company I have had the most success with in terms of their oils working and helping my family.  Everything from allergies, getting rid of ants,  sleeping and cleaning the oven.  But the other brands have their place.  I would rather clean the toilet with “cheap” oil than use my good stuff!   Does this mean that the health-food store brand of oil isn’t going to help you right now since that’s all you can get your hands on?  That is for you to decide, not for me to tell you.