Hi.  It’s me, Rhea.  Remember me?  I only posted one time in all of 2015 so I thought I would just get you up to speed on my world.

December 12 2014 we closed escrow and moved into our very first home!

January 1, 2015 it caught on fire.

It sucked.  Insurance deemed it a total loss.

House Before 600

Two weeks in a hotel, six months in a temporary house, lots of headaches later and we moved back in on June 1, 2015.  Most women I know have these amazing Pinterest boards full of home improvement and design.  I do, too!  But when it came down to actually picking tile, paint, grout, counters, mirrors, carpets, etc etc etc.  It was super stressful!  But, after all was said and done.  We ended up with a new house.  It’s BEAUTIFUL.

house after 600

Now I have this beautiful house and big yard in a shitty HOA neighborhood.  I didn’t realize how much an HOA would stink.  We are not allowed to have any outdoor animals besides horses.  I really want to have chickens and a pig and maybe even a goat.  But not yet.

I’ll have to be covert when I get my chickens.  Incidentally, we actually DID have some chickens that we hatched from eggs back in May or so.  But unfortunately it didn’t work out.  The long and short of it is that we just weren’t prepared for taking care of them.  Now I know better.

My goals for this year are simple (new year’s resolutions perhaps?).  I want to try and homestead as much as possible.  I’ve always been on the crunchy side and I want to take that further.  I want to make as much of my own stuff as possible.  I want to try and grow shit.  I want to be as Earth friendly as I can.  I’ll never be an “off-grid” Alaska wilderness kinda gal, but I’ll be doing my best.  I’m learning how to make soap and bread and while I killed my herb garden, I’m going to try and learn how to grow some of my own food.  I even started a compost pile.  I want to try and be as resourceful as possible.  I mean, LOOK AT ALL THIS ROOM (and this is only the back 1/3 of the yard!).


Oh, and I gained back all the weight I lost eating Paleo.   I’m really happy eating cake.  So no more diet nonsense unless it’s pertaining to homemade bread on other non-chemical goodness.

So, to sum it up.  New Year, New Blog.

Homesteading for the rest of us!  I’ll try to post on a semi-consistent basis and share what I’m learning as I try to turn this HOA rule infested property into a somewhat respectable homestead.