Three Weeks Ago:

Mom calls:  “I have a free RV for you!”

Me:  “uuuuhhhhmmm *speachless*”

Mom:  “My friend at work has a really nice RV that has been sitting for six years and he was going to get rid of it and decided he wants to give it to you!”

YAY!  **Happy Dancing!**

I was RIDICULOUSLY excited!  We had two days to decide but in my head, it seemed like a total no-brainer.  A fabulously maintained FREE RV.  Would you say “no?”  I didn’t think so….

Two Days Later:

We met the generous benefactor at the local RV storage facility.  I was giddy!



It was a MESS.  The benefactor referred to it as “Rustic.”  Yea, let’s go with that.

The RV was rustic.  It had sat in this dirt lot for 6 years.  It wasn’t completely unexpected.  Full of spiderwebs, there was a couple water leaks, but overall it didn’t look THAT bad.  “OK!  We’ll take it!”

Our benefactor towed it to our house (to a tune of $500 bucks) and dropped it at our HOA controlled doorstep (they are LOVING us right now).  We were advised to change the oil, drain the gas, charge the batteries and it should fire right up.  Now, my husband is NOT an engine guy.  He can build a computer out of paperclips and twine, but motor vehicle engines are completely foreign.  He assured me that he knew how to change the oil and we would be good to go in no time flat.

In the meantime, I have completely redecorated our newly named “T-Rex” on Pinterest.  Gotta get rid of all that 1988 BLUE *gag*




Three Weeks Later (aka:  Today)

$600.00 (and counting) later, my beloved T-Rex still hasn’t started.  She is still sitting on the street in front of our HOA controlled house.  My husband is getting sad.

We’ve replaced the engine battery, oil, oil filter, gas, some blue additive stuff, electricity converter thing, ignition control module thing, the ignition coil AND we’ve paid the past 6 years of DMV registration (I cried and got some of the unexpected penalties waived….THANK YOU nice DMV Lady!).  We are currently exploring the fuel lines and fuel pump.  When hubby sprays starter fluid directly into the carburetor, it will almost start.  We are SO DAMN CLOSE PEOPLE!!

Estates HOA, if you are listening….WE ARE SO CLOSE!!

Moral of the story?  Nothing in life is ever free.

The end.

PS:  OH but I can’t wait to get her started and decorated and camping!!  WHEEEEE!!!!!