There is an internet meme floating around that says something to the effect, “unfriending people for their political views undermines the democratic process.” I know that the makers of the meme meant well. They are trying to point out that everyone’s opinions and realities are unique and that is what makes the world an amazing place. Unfortunately, it’s BS.

I personally do not fit into any single political party. I side with Democrats on their social agendas, I like the Republicans military and patriotic love of country, I am wholeheartedly Green when it comes to environmental issues, and I even like the Libertarian’s idea of taking care of ourselves before worrying about the rest of the world. I think more people in this country probably see themselves supporting multiple platforms as well; more than they like to admit. So, when looking for a candidate to support, I tend to look at the overall character of the person in addition to their policy agendas. I think it’s just as important to pick a moral and just human being rather than just a political party, which is why I will not remain friends with you if you support Mr. Trump.

I know it sounds harsh, but by supporting Mr. Trump you are basically saying that it is OKAY to belittle and assault women, make fun of the disabled, and incite racism. You are telling your children (and mine) that it is perfectly acceptable to get up on stage in front of millions and act like a bully. You are saying that it is okay to be rude and interrupt people and call them names. Mr. Trump is absolutely everything that is wrong with our society today.

As people, it is our job to model compassion and goodness to our future generation. There are countless coalitions to prevent bullying and violence, yet here you are supporting the King of deplorable behavior. As human beings cohabitating on the planet Earth, we should be held to a higher standard. To sound cliche’, we should be spreading love, not hate. Everything we DO NOT want our world to be is now being reinforced and excused by every single American who supports Donald Trump.

You may think that you are just supporting an “anti-establishment” candidate, choosing someone who is not a lifelong politician, someone who can lead the change on a damaged system. I can see the appeal of someone like that, really. But think about the damage you are doing to our future. I cannot remain friends with someone who has such fundamental differences in their perception of right and wrong. It’s not a matter of undermining democracy, it is a matter of integrity. I will choose to associate with good and kind people because that is the impression I want to leave for my own children and for the world.