Hi! My name is Rhea (REE-ah).  I have been married to Bob for 15 years and together we have three crazy boys.  I have a wide range of eclectic interests that keep my family hopping.   I’m currently trying to convince them that we can totally live in an RV full time (they are on the fence about that, though).  Here on OhRheally? I share the quirky things I like, tales of my kitchen experiments, and my quest for adventure (even on a very tiny budget).

When I do work outside of the home it is usually in the Social Services field.  I enjoy working with people of all intellects and abilities and they never cease to amaze me.

In the past I have worked with some amazing brands (Sam’s Club, Keurig, Energizer, Walmart, Shark), I have designed all of my own websites (and those of others), and I network in some fabulous blogger communities. I look forward to getting to know you!

Anthony is my oldest.  From the very beginning, he was an extremely intense child. He was born screaming and he only stopped making noise to take a breath! He is a really neat kid. Smart, funny and such a good helper. Most people think he is several years older because he is very tall and he’s an excellent conversationalist.  He is diagnosed ADHD.  It was a difficult decision to put him on medication but one that’s turned out amazing. Instead of being frustrated and angry with each other all the time, we are having tons of fun!

Nathan is the “middle” child. He is “Baby A” of the twins.  He is FUNNY! Nate is a natural comedian and has been making jokes since he was very young. Nate is very easy going and always smiling (mostly). He makes friends easily and he is also the more sensitive of the three and while he smiles and laughs the loudest, he also is the first to cry. His teachers say he is a “perfectionist” and is testing very high in his class…something mommy is pleasantly surprised and happy about.

Gabriel is my “youngest,” or “Baby B of the twins.  He is very introverted and enjoys playing by himself. He has lots of silly little quirks and I enjoy his departure from the norm. For a long time, we assumed Gabe was the “dominant twin,” but I’m thinking that role is changing as he becomes more quiet and Nathan steals the daily show.

All three boys are video game addicts and technology wizards!

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I like to share items I find from around the web.  I will try to link to the products wherever possible and appropriate.  Many times these links will be affiliate links.  All that means is that I will be paid a commission for sharing the items with it.  This is how I help support my family so, THANK YOU for clicking through on my links!

PR Friendly

I enjoy doing giveaways and reviews. I generally will only accept product reviews from companies that I am already interested in. I’m particularly fond of healthy food (Paleo) items, camping, hiking and other outdoor gear as well as Bohemian-flavored home decor/fashion.   Contact me for more information and/or a media kit.

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