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About Me

Hi!  My name is Rhea (REE-ah).  I was formerly known as the Mommy to Three Monkeys ( but I have moved past being just a mommy and am developing my own space full of just me!  I have been married to Bob for 12 years and together we have three beautiful sons.  I work out of the home during the day and try to find time to blog in the evenings and weekends.

Here on OhRheally? I shares stories about raising boys, my quirky interests, our family’s quest for adventure, and of discovering a Paleo Lifestyle where I eat what the cavemen ate.  I’m happily enjoying substantial weight loss (FINALLY) and a new found love of exercise.

I am passionate about helping others.  My day job is working with adults who have developmental disabilities and I absolutely love it!  I have also helped with fund raising efforts for my cousin’s fight against Neuroblastoma cancer.  November, 2010 I represented Energizer® as the Keep Going® Blogger in the San Diego Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure and raise money for breast cancer research.  This was an amazing experience and I hope to be able to do it again!  I have been blogging since 2008 and thoroughly enjoy meeting new friends, facebooking, tweeting and using my social influences for good.


Me and my husband, Bob.  We met on the internet and have been together for 12 years.  He’s a lot older than I am and finding the balance between my lackadaisical ways and his old school ways are quite interesting.  Somehow he’s managed to stick around so kudo’s to him!


Anthony was born September 2004.  From the very beginning he was an extremely intense child.  He was born screaming and he only stops making noise to take a breath!  He is a really neat kid.  Smart, funny and such a good helper (when he’s in the mood to help).  Most people think Anthony is several years older because he is very tall and he’s an excellent conversationalist.  I have to remind myself sometimes that he’s only 8.  A few years ago he was diagnosed ADHD  and at first we tried to go the non-medicated, organic food route but that did not work for him and we had to switch  him onto medication.  It was a difficult decision but one that’s turned out amazing.  Instead of being frustrated and angry with each other all the time, we are having tons of fun!

Nathan was born May, 2006 and is the “middle” child.  He is FUNNY.  Nate is a natural comedian and has been making jokes since he was very young.  Nate is very easy going and always smiling (mostly).  He makes friends easily and he is also the more sensitive of the three and while he smiles and laughs the loudest, he also is the first to cry.  His teachers say he is a “perfectionist” and is testing very high in his class…something mommy is pleasantly surprised and happy about.  Nate is my video game addict!

Gabriel was also born May 2006 and is the “baby” of the three.  He is very introverted and enjoys playing by himself.  He has lots of silly little quirks and I enjoy his departure from the “norm.”  For a long time, we assumed Gabe was the “dominate twin,” but I’m thinking that roll is changing as he becomes more quiet and Nathan steals the daily show.  Gabe likes to play with LEGO’s and build train tracks.  Gabe is my cuddle bug and I share quiet mornings with him while he drinks his chocolate milk.  He’s definitely the momma’s boy.

OhRheally? is a PR friendly site!  I enjoy doing giveaways and reviews.  It’s fun for me and it’s (mostly) fun for my family.  I generally will only accept product reviews from companies that I am already interested in.  I’m particularly fond of healthy food (Paleo) items, camping, hiking and other outdoor gear as well as activities and items especially amde for young boys.  If your campaign is not appropriate for my family or visitors, I won’t do it.  Why would I?  In turn, I only contact companies that WOW me.  You’re not likely to find a “bad” review here since I only accept items that I expect to like.  However, if I feel something needs to be improved, I’ll be sure to tell you.

Product Reviews

I do not accept cash payment for product reviews.  I do expect to be provided (at no charge) a full size, usable sample so that I can properly review it, photograph it and/or video it.  These product samples will not be returned.  Really, what would you do with a used sample?  It’s mine to keep.


If you like, I can host a giveaway for your product.  Giveaways are a nice way to drive more excitement and traffic to your product.  If you prefer not to provide a review item along with the giveaway, I have the option of running a giveaway only for a fee.  Giveaways are a lot of work for me.  I have to write the post, list the giveaways at various contest sites, tweet the heck out of it, link to it on other blog contest linky’s, etc etc.  So unless you provide me a product to review along with the giveaway, there is a fee.  It’s not a big fee, really.  I’m cheap.  Just don’t tell anyone.

Sponsored Content

I also have the options for posting paid/sponsored “advertorials” and Press Releases.  These are informational only and not based on a “review.”  I have a small fee for posting these and they always include images and keyword links.

In case that wasn’t clear:

  • Product reviews = Free
  • Product reviews + Giveaways = Free
  • Giveaway only = $$ for my time
  • Advertorials/Press Release = Reasonable Posting Fee


I accept text link placements and insert affiliate links where appropriate.  Please know that you are under no obligation to click on these links, but think of it as a little tip for me to you without actually costing you any extra money!

Currently Accepting Brand Ambassadorships

I really enjoy the one on one, special relationship that comes by being a brand ambassador.  I’ve had this relationship with Sam’s Club, Energizer and AT&T.   

Media Kit Available On Request

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