my life

Hello my name is Anthony I am 8 years old i know it says i am six but my mom hasn’t changed it in a while. My three brother’s names are Tyler,Nathan,and Gabriel. They are my favorites, too. I cherish and love them. I always stand up for them. We do everything together. Now back to me :) . My birth–day is September 2004,. I like to play a lot of games on the computer.  So that’s my daily post. I know i haven’t been doing a daily post but i am starting one. But I am only doing it over the weekend. So don’t be expecting a post during the week :) .







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new cake invention

    One day my mom Rhea brought home a book called 50 dangerous things (you should let your child do). I read through it and I found a title called Break the Recipe Rule Book.  I thought I should try it. So i did. It was super duper fun. This is how I made it. 

1 cube butter 1/2 C

1 tbs vanila

2   1/2 C sugar

1   1/2 C flour

1 tbs powdered sugar

2 eggs

1 C + 2 tbs milk

3 tbs cocoa powder

1 tbs baking powder

baked 25 min 350 F


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Silly Elf

Today our Elf was hiding on the book shelf it was hard for me to find him. But not for Nathan or Gabriel. but it’s fun having a Elf . we talk to him and play with him. we have a lot of fun with a Elf . his name it Jack. we do a lot of things with him. and one time he hid on the mobile  . it was funny. and the first day he came here he said hi boys. And last night we had a Christmas party. it was fun to have a Christmas party. and plus we went to bed a 12, o,clock

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something is mising

I lost my tooth yesterday I wiggled ang wiggled and wiggled and it came out I ran out and my mom said aaaaaaaaa she was happy then i got a paper towel   I was happy too.I got the paper towel because  my tooth had blood on it and then I went to bed
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My Rat

20111008-111213.jpgThis is Mrs. Rat.  I love my Rat. She is nice, she is cute and my friends mom gave it to me. I have had her for a few months. She is about 1 year old.

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