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Life Changing

Would you sell off most everything you own and move into an RV with your family?  That is the conversation that has been happening in my household for a few weeks now.  I am SO flipping excited at the prospect of simplifying my life (getting rid of 1600 sqft of crap clutter), packing up and taking my kids to see the country.  It’s also a very scary proposition. My husband and I have worked really hard the past couple years to organize our finances with the dream of buying a home.  A place to raise the boys, have some chickens, make memories.  But, buying a house has remained elusive.  Things happen, one step forward two steps back.  Now my husband is going to be 60 years old this year….do we really want to buy a house now?  That is a big responsibility to take on.  He is nearing retirement, does he really want to make such a commitment?  Do we want the rest of our lives tied up in a little fixer house (because that is all we can afford in San Diego County)?  Will he be able to perform all the maintenance?  Does he want to? Is there another option? Of course there is! My gypsy heart is soaring at the thought of buying an RV (or likely in our case, a fifth-wheel trailer and truck), packing up...

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Review: ScoreBig Ticket Discounts

San Diego’s Petco Park is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year.  I was so surprised that it has already been around for so long.  And you know what?  I have NEVER been to a Padre’s game there!  Bob and I have always talked about going and wanting to take the boys to a game, it’s just never happened.  First the boys were too little, and now that they are big enough to actually want to go, affording it has turned into an issue.  By the time you get tickets, then snacks and downtown parking, etc etc etc…it REALLY adds up.  Well this is where ScoreBig can help. Come to find out, thousands of event tickets go un-sold every year.  These venues offer tickets to ScoreBig to sell off for them with savings sometimes of up to 60% off!  ScoreBig offers a unique “bidding” environment where you put in how much you want to spend on tickets and they then find tickets for you in that price range.  It is really pretty cool, too! How ScoreBig Works Visit and choose your city/event location.  You can search by venue, show, sports team, city, etc. ScoreBig does not tell you what the tickets cost.  Instead, you enter what you want to pay! You do get to choose certain seating “levels.”  The levels go from nosebleed to floor seats and that determines...

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Happiest Of Birthdays!

My dearest Beasty, Isn’t it about time you changed the password on your little ‘ol blog? Although I’m quite glad you haven’t because it means I get to log in and wish you a happy birthday here. 🙂 PS: You haven’t posted in a while, you should get on that. 😉 Looking through your archives, I notice I didn’t post last year. Strange since I posted in 2011 and 2012. I wish I could say that this note will be even better than the last two but nope. Sorry! Gotta tell you, I hate your big girl job and...

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Happy New Year!

Yea, I realize that January is almost over, get over it. I’ve had this post in my queue for weeks.  I’ve rewritten it 4-5 times.   It started out as a Paleo post, then an “embrace the fat girl” post and then a “I’m trying essential oils” post.  I know, I’m a freak.  I can’t help it.  So in an attempt to write something and wish all my online (aka: imaginary) friends a Happy New Year I just started writing. I’ll just combine all my post revisions into one.  K? I still love Paleo.  I like the recipes, I like...

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GIVEAWAY: Get Holiday Stress Relief at Total Woman Gym!

  As I’m writing this it’s TWO weeks until Christmas! YAY! or EEEK! I don’t know which one you fall under…I am under the “YAY” camp, but even though I am excited about the holiday, there is always stress. Will we have enough money to buy everything? Where are we eating dinner on Christmas? Your wish list costs how much? What am I making for dinner? You want WHAT for Christmas? We have to be in three places at once? How many parties can one attend in one weekend? Where exactly did you see that cat? etc…etc…etc… That’s why...

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